Sunday, August 31, 2008

James' foot...sorry honey

Many of you know that for the last four months James has been fighting a horrible foot infection. It started out small and then got really big. I mean BIG. It started growing, from the top of his foot and all the way down under his foot. It got to the point where he couldn't walk on it and it was very painful. So for the first three months James thought he was just treating athlete's foot. Then he went to the lake one weekend and he came back with his foot all blistered. It was really gross. It had blisters and puss...very nasty. I was worried that this foot fungus thing was contagious and I wanted no part or this!!! He got back from the lake on Sunday and we were leaving again on Monday for a week. So I made him go to the doctor. The doctor told him it was bacterial and here is some antibiotics. I made him sleep with a sock on so I didn't get this foot fungus because I did NOT want this. So a month later and it is still the same, but I went to refill his prescription and I asked the pharmacist how much longer on this medicine. The pharmacist said...when treating a staph infection it could take a couple of months...WHAT?!! Staph infection, no one told us this was a staph infection. So then I decided James need a second opinion and thank goodness I was right. I took him to see a dermatologist and all it was was a skin inflammation and here is some cortisone. Thank goodness!!! I wish I would have take pictures some pictures of James' foot but he would not have any part of that. Sorry honey for making you wear one sock for a month...but I do love you.

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mandal said...

Oh man...staph on the foot. Thank goodness it wasn't:) Yikes. I could tell you some stories about little staph infections that Taylor and Averi have had, but I'll spare you:) Hope Jame's foot gets better!