Monday, July 27, 2009

Family, Friends and Fun!!

This weekend was busy!! We started out on Friday with a pool party for our college ministry. James and I will help out again this year with the newly married. We had a great time just visiting and eating. Two things I do best! Then on Saturday we headed to Lamesa. I had cousins in town from Houston that I hadn't seen in over two years. They had heard all about Farrah and really wanted to meet her so Farrah and I headed to Lamesa to see my Meme and cousins. We had a great time and of course Farrah put on a show for them. She smiled the entire time and they were amazed that she is this happy all the time. Meme, which is Farrah's great-grandmother, was very excited to see her. I think Meme was surprised how big Farrah has gotten.

Then Sunday we just had a day of rest and it was great! We really needed that. We took Farrah to swim and this time she loved it! The last couple of times she cried and I was worried about this because both of our families love the water and I want Farrah to love the water as much as we do.

My cousin Nita. Hopefully someday soon we will get to meet her two grandchildren!! We are trying to plan for the end of the year to take a trip and go see Nita and her family in Houston.

The best Meme ever!!

Like my bikini? Posing with my friend Madison.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 Months!!

Farrah Nichole you are growing up WAY to fast!! Our lives have completely changed the last five months and it couldn't be better. Let's see what you're up to these days!

You sleep an average of 12 hours every night!! I put you down around 9pm and you wake up around 9-9:30am. You have your mommy VERY spoiled!!

You take good naps for me still. Anywhere from two to three hours.

You are NOT a fan of cereal. You cry when you eat it. (It's really pretty cute)

You weigh 13 pounds! And almost 25 inches long. You are long and lean ;) Just like you Aunt Shawna.

You are in your last package of size 1 diapers and on the verge of size 2 diapers.

You are still wearing size 0-3. I can even still put some newborn size's on you!

You are the happiest baby I have ever seen.

You bring a lot of attention! I can't go anywhere and not get stopped to look at this beautiful baby girl.

You are turning over like a champ!

You have figured out how to "love". You take two handfuls of whatever you can get your hands on like hair, my face and give wide open mouth "kisses"!! I love this!!

You laugh so much more and a lot easier. I can look at you and get a belly laugh from you. Precious!!

Your so funny when you sleep. You have your blanket wrapped around your head and your feet propped up on you bumper pads. I will come and get you out of bed and you love playing with me. I say your name and tickle your legs and your head is wrapped in your blanket and you start to laugh and then you pull the blanket off and smile and laugh!

This is how I found you this morning.

Five Month's today!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Love Sunday Morning's

Our church started having services on Saturday night a couple of months ago and we are hooked! It's so nice being able to sleep in and just enjoy the day at a slow pace. There is no makeup and no shower til noon. Farrah is the funnest to watch. She LOVES her exersaucer and will stay there for an hour pushing on everything that makes music and chewing on everything that she can. This thing has so many things to do on it. She will have a hold on one toy and try to turn around and grab something with the other hand. She "talks" to all of her toys and gets so excited.

I tried this new "do" on Farrah and she looks way to big with her hair like that. I'm not ready for this look yet!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Family pictures!

The whole gang!

Mom and Dad

My brother Lance and his family. Lance, LaJuana, Lucas and Annika

My family.

My sister's family. Lance, Shawna, Reagan, Katie and Brincent

The grand kids

The photographer is Tiffany Dau. She does a great job and is VERY affordable!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Our first July 4th as a family was sure fun!

All ready for the parade!

My favorite tradition of July 4th is with James. The summer we bought our house, on July 4th we climbed on the roof to watch all the fireworks going on around us. I would take two wine glasses and two cans of Dr. Pepper and we would sit there for hours on our roof top watching and talking. Talking about our favorite childhood memories of Fourth of July. So every year we take our wine glasses and our favorite drink, James is Dr. Pepper and mine is Sprite and again we sit there under the stars and talk about our childhood. We were sitting there tonight and talking about our first summer in this house and what great times we have had here and one day when Farrah is old enough she will get to join us on the roof top to watch fireworks!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Try #2

Well Farrah was not a fan of cereal. In fact, I gave it to her yesterday and she spit out the first bite and so I put it back in and she began to cry!! It was like she was saying to me "Why are you doing this to me?" So after that I didn't give her anymore and thought I'll just try tomorrow. After telling friends about Farrah they gave me ideas and I just wasn't sure what to do. Farrah's doctor made it VERY clear not to mix anything with it like fruit. Because if I mix fruit with it then she will not do veggies and veggies are very important. So I called her doctor and spoke to her wonderful nurse and she said that she just wasn't ready for cereal! What a relief! I did not want to rush Farrah into eating and especially force her into something she didn't like! So we will wait and try next month, which makes me happy because honestly I don't think I am ready for Farrah to be on cereal yet. And I'm glad because I want to make Farrah's baby food and I found this really cool little baby food maker and I now have time to order it and make her food. I had no idea that I would even want to attempt this but the more I did the research on this the more convinced I am that I can do this and very easily.

This cool little tool is called the Beaba Babycook