Monday, March 14, 2011

Potty Training....

Since Farrah turned two I thought it would be time for her to be potty trained, no big deal right??? After a lot of research I decided to do the three day potty training that everyone swears by and I must say, potty training is a big commitment!! This sounds so stupid but we don't care....James and I prepped our carpet by covering it with drop clothes, Haha!! We have brand new carpet and I love my carpet so we just wanted to save it by covering it up and I must say this is the best thing we did!

Farrah and I are to stay home for three days straight and all she can wear is a t-shirt and panties. I decided that we would start on Sunday and go through Tuesday that way I could have a little help from James if I needed him. The instructions were to give Farrah a lot to drink and follow her around all day and say "Tell mommy when you need to go potty." Doesn't sound to hard does it? Can I say one thing....three days at home and Farrah and I both are going crazy!! Tonight Farrah was so wild that James looked at me and said "You need to take her for a walk or a ride tomorrow!"

Day one: I wake up Farrah and feed her breakfast and explain to her what we are about to do. Farrah puts on her big girl panties and is so excited to be wearing them! By the end of the day she had gone through 13 pairs of panties and this mommy was beginning to think this was a bad idea! I was worn out after day one and I still have two more days. I did find that Farrah is more excited about getting stickers for going potty then candy which really surprises me.

Day two: Day two was much better! Yes, Farrah has had some accidents but its starting to click. We've only gone through four pairs of panties!! I'm still saying "Tell mommy when you need to go potty" and by the end of today I'm tired of hearing this statement...ha! Farrah took one pretty good fall slipping on the tile after she had an accident and it was hard not to laugh. Farrah stood rubbing her hiney and saying ouch mommy! Then she started laughing and saying "whoa mommy."

Day three: I must say I am impressed!! Day three of potty training was a day of no accidents! Farrah is doing great and she is so proud of herself. It's so funny watching James take her to potty.....he doesn't know what to do with a girl! Farrah is VERY intersted in watching herself go potty and it cracks me up that she waves bye bye when she flushes. This girl is too much!!

I just can't believe my baby is no longer a baby...this just breaks my heart! Don't get me wrong, I love that Farrah is getting so big and strong. I have just really enjoyed every part of being a mommy and having this little angel has been amazing!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Farrah singing

Farrah is learning so many new songs and the Itsy Bitsy Spider is her favorite and I just couldn't pass up the chance to record it. James is such a good daddy and it makes my heart so happy watching these two together!

I LOVE these two more then they will ever know!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Great Cause...

There is not a day that goes buy that I am not thankful for my precious daughter! Then one day God crossed your path with another precious gift and your heart melts the first time you see her...and her name is Brynne. I met Brynne two years ago through her Aunt Abby and I have been changed by her, her smile mostly!

I don't know all the "details" but I do know that Brynne is one precious girl. When Brynne was an infant she started having trouble keeping her baby formula down so her amazing mom, Maggie, did what any other mommy would do and took her to her doctor. After many months/years the doctors sent her to many different specialist. I do want to say that this is not my story to share so I will leave that for Maggie to share but I do want to share with you what Brynne has taught me.

Brynne has the greatest smile of anyone I've ever seen. She will melt your heart in an instant! She has taught me no matter how bad it gets or when your down you can still smile. Her smile brings so much healing to other people who are honored to have gotten to know her.

Brynne is one of the toughest girls I know! Her Aunt Abby has told me stories about how the doctors and nurses come in the hospital to take blood or give her medicine and she just sticks her little arm out and never flinches.

I look at Brynne and see a true picture of Christ...even at the age of two. No matter how bad it hurts or how much she doesn't want to do things that she knows she has to do, she does it because her "daddy" says its ok. Just like the picture of Christ on the cross...He didn't want to but it was for a better purpose then himself.

Maggie and Craig I have so much admiration for you and your family! There is not a day that goes buy that we don't pray for your family! You have no idea how precious you entire family is to us and thank you for sharing your Brynne with us!

There was a 5k run this weekend to honor and remember a fallen DPS Trooper from Post, TX and the benefits will go toward Brynne's medical treatments. I encourage you to donate and pray for Brynne and her family!