Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayer Request Update

I talked to Heather the other night and she said that Emma is doing great!! They removed the ventilator and she is breathing under a oxygen tent. They took one of her IVs out last night The doctor and nurses just keep telling Heather and Brett how wonderful she is doing. Please continue to pray for Emma to gain enough weight to go home. Pray for Heather, she is having a tough time leaving Emma at the hospital while she goes home. Pray for her healing as well. The doctor's tell her that she needs to rest more. Here are some pictures of Emma. The first picture is of the knot in the umbilical cord. Emma is one blessed little girl to have survived that!!

This is Brett's wedding ring on Emma's wrist

Isn't she besutiful!! Thank you so much for keeping Emma and her mommy and daddy in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayer Request!!

Hi everyone!! This is going to be a prayer request blog. My dear friend and co-worker had a baby today. Heather was put in the hospital two weeks ago trying not to go into labor. Her doctor's thought the umbilical card had a knot and sure enough it did. Heather said that she is a very lucky little girl. One or two more days and the baby might not have made it. She was 28 weeks and made it to 30 weeks before she delivered her precious daughter Emma Leigh Hart. Emma weighs 2lbs 12oz. I have no idea how long but she is tiny!! Her doctor gave her the steroid for her lung's to develop quickly two weeks ago and thankfully she came out screaming. The doctors went ahead and put Emma on a ventilator so Emma's little body could rest and get stronger. So the prayer starts with Heather. She needs rest, comfort and peace. Emma needs prayer for strength, positive results in all the tests, her development and much more. Brett needs prayer as well. He is worried about his wife and new baby!! I have no idea all that is going on in Heather's mind but I know that she is worried sick. So if you have any encouraging words for her please tell me and I will pass them along!! Thanks so much for praying for the Hart family!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo Tag

So I got tagged to do a picture tag.
So here's how it works

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on the computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same
5. No cheating. (cropping, editing, etc)

This is James' friend Camren and his massive buck.
So I tag...Jennifer W. Abby, Kelli and Liz

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can Ovaries Explode??

Sorry!! This is a warning for you that this blog will be TMI!! I started the Clomid last week and should be ovulating this week and I swear my ovaries are about to explode!! I feel like I have two baseball's on both side's of my stomach. I know this medicine can cause multiple births and now I know why. My ovaries are on steroids!! I know this will be all worth it in the long run. Anyways I thought you would all like to know that my ovaries are the size of baseball's and about to explode any minute now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Blah

There is nothing exciting going on in the Fortner household. I think for the first time in MANY years we have nothing to do. It's so weird...for months I would do my calender and there might be four nights available the whole month and now there are four nights that have something planned. I am a social person so to have nothing to do can mean problems for me. This is when I tend to think that I can do things by myself. Like paint an entire house because I'm bored. Clean out the garage in the freezing weather because I'm bored. Any ways I know our families will be glad because we might actually be able to see them every once in a while. I could not tell you the last time I went and saw my mom for dinner at her house...probably this summer!! I know that's so bad!! So this year will be better. As many of you know this is perfect timing. We are trying again for a baby and I know this is God's way of slowing me down so I can become pregnant this time without any problems!! So I will slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet!! TATA for now!!(is that how you spell TATA?) Oh well you get my drift!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Just when I think I've done all the laundry I turn around and there's more!! Between Christmas presents and going on vacation I did 11 loads of laundry!! Yes 11 loads...that's ridiculous!! It's just the two of us. How can two people dirty so much laundry?? James and I always joke about the laundry fairy. The laundry fairy is someone who gets all the laundry done all the time. I think the laundry is about to go on strike!! My sister tells me it will get worse when we have children. She has to do two loads of laundry EVERY night. Are you kidding me!! And another thing...both of our families blessed us beyond belief at Christmas but now the problem is finding a place to put it all. I have cleaned out four closet's (one of the closet's I've cleaned out twice!!) I keep walking around the house trying to figure out how my kitchen table keeps getting piled on. I think I've cleaned it off at least three times today and I'm looking right now and it's still cluttered. I had James take out the trash yesterday and I had two full bags and tonight already I have two more bags for him to take out!! I looked at my ironing pile and I just can't seem to make myself to do it. I still have one more room to go (we only have a two bedroom house)...I know it's crazy!! James has worked the last few nights and it seems like I'm cleaning when he's gone and when he's home. He just tells me to come sit but the thing is I can't relax until the house clutter is gone. I can't wait til I get to stay home all day...Then I will be able to keep up the house AND sit still with James when he gets home for the day. Until then I will keep cleaning and doing laundry!! If you haven't seen me in a couple of days you might want to call and see if the laundry fairy has gone on strike!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Relaxing!!

James and I got an invitation to take a relaxing week to the lake after Christmas. It was wonderful!! James and I tend to get way to busy and don't take much down time for ourselves. So Heath and Kelsey invited us to spend a week with them and Heath's family on the lake on his parents house boat in Arkansas. What an amazing place!! I won't try to explain it because I can't do it justice. It was great. James got to go squirrel hunting for the very first time in Arkansas. All he said was that it was truly a back wood sport. He also had lunch at a pawn shop. He had a great time with the whole Arkansas experience. The scary thing is is that I think he felt a little to comfortable in Arkansas. He tends to have some red neck tendencies in him! He had a great time with Heath and Heath's dad Willie. James has always wanted to go on a guided fishing trip and he was able to this week. I know they caught black bass and something else. Here are some picture's of James and the fishing trip.

Kelsey and I did WAY to much shopping. Where the house boat is docked there are probably 25-30 house boats and they all decorate for Christmas. There is this one house boat that has this AMAZING Christmas tree. Kelsey and I thought that we could decorate our own tree's with this similar idea. So next year be prepared to be blown away with our Christmas tree's. I would post a picture but I'm going to be selfish and do it myself first.

She took me to the amazing mall in Hot Springs, Arkansas!! I think it took us maybe 45minutes to walk the whole thing. We decided to get pedicure's since the boys were watching football and we were in no hurry to get back to that. I don't think I have EVER watched that much football in my life!! So like I said we had pedicure's done. I love having pedicure's but they can be very painful for me as well. I was telling Kelsey how ticklish my feet were and the worst part for me is the part where they take and scrub the bottom of your feet. Oh it makes my skin crawl to just think about it. So I warned the guy and told him sorry but I might kick you. So of course he had a hay day with this. He took one swipe of the bottom of my foot and I about came out of the chair. I think Kelsey had some great laughs at my expense but it was fun.

I think the best thing was we were able to sleep in and be on NO schedule. It was great. So thank you Heath and Kelsey for inviting us to spend a week of great rest and relaxing.