Sunday, May 30, 2010


I say it every time but my word where does the time go! Farrah you are 15 months and one busy little girl!

You have so many words that I can't remember them all. You love to say no! Ha! You are doing great with your baby sign language. You are learning more everyday.

You finally say mama, but now I can't get you to stop saying mama...hahaha and I love it!

Your are wearing mostly 12 month clothes all though you can still wear some 9 month clothes.

You are eating real food....well what you will taste anyways. This has come a big challenge but you are working at it.

You love to read and play. Your favorite toy is still a ball. I will lay out your toys and the first one you choose is a ball. This makes your daddy awfully proud.

You also love for us to chase you, tickle you and wrestle with you. You are at such a fun stage.

We do have our have a mind of your own and once your mind is made up there is no changing it. We don't go to many restaurants. You will not sit still and when you get mad you start screaming so we get to sit in the car a lot. They tell me this will pass and this one thing I hope it passes soon!

Your 15month stats.....19 pounds and 30.5 inches long. Tall and skinny!!

And one year ago we made it official...You were adopted one year ago. How you have changed from one year ago to today. I will never forget that day as long as I live. You are the greatest blessing and gift that we could ever ask for. We are so proud to be your mommy and daddy. The thing you do amaze me and how smart and loving you are. You are so much like your mommy and daddy that it blows my mind! We love you with all our hearts!

To celebrate her adoption day we bought Farrah a Cabbage Patch Kid. Thought it was a great idea since Cabbage Patch Kids are adopted and so is Farrah. She picked out a girl and her name is Lilia. Farrah is already feeding her and throwing her on the ground. We have a little work to do on how to love and not throw the baby....haha!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Uncle Lance!

Ok Uncle Lance this post is for you. Sorry I've fallen behind on posting pictures of your niece so here are a few for you.

Playing outside! She was not wanting to come in after her car ride. She was so cute. She had her hands on the steering wheel and would honk the horn.

This is our cheese smile.

This is our get out of the way mom...I'm watching Handy Manny look.

Farrah getting her shades on.

Ok Uncle Lance this should give you a small fix of Farrah pics.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday was a great day! We signed our life away and couldn't be happier. It was 11 years ago when we bought our first house and man I forgot all the paperwork we had to sign. Does anyone really read all that paperwork? Just to fly through all that and just sign and not read any of it took us about an hour.

After we signed we watched a thank you video for buying one of their houses and at the end of the video the entire building stood up and gave us a standing ovation....I think James and I both jumped so high because our backs were facing them and we never saw it coming. It was really special. Then as a house warming gift they gave us a bible with Fortner Family engraved on it!! This is an amazing company and if you ever want to build a house I highly recommend Betenbough!

Now I'm trying to get a cute moving photo for our family moving card and this is what I'm getting so far.....

Stayed tuned!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's been to long!!

So sorry!! It has been a crazy two weeks!! We moved out of our old house and moved in with some friends for two weeks and close on our new house this Wednesday!! Praise the Lord! We are so ready for lots of room! We moved from a 900 square foot house into a house that is over 2,000 square foot house. We took Farrah over there the other night so we could see the progress and she just walked around forever. She laid on the carpet and was just the cutest thing! At our old house we had stained concrete floors and this house had carpet..the funny thing is is that Farrah just laid on the carpet forever. I think she is excited about having carpet.

Farrah started walking all over the place! Ever since Easter Farrah has taken off. We spent the majority of our weekend outside and I wouldn't let her crawl in the dirt or grass. She is getting better everyday! She is so funny when she tries to hurry cause she is still a little wobbly.

James and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe its gone by so fast! I was looking at our wedding pictures the other day and we were such babies. I can't imagine being married to a more godly man then James. James we have grown so much in twelve years. I wouldn't trade one minute of all the ups and downs we have shared. You are an amazing husband, father and provider and this family is truly blessed that you are leading it! Love you!

We will be moving in our new house this weekend and I will post more pictures soon. Sorry grandparents and aunts and uncles I don't have any pictures of little miss. I will take some soon I promise!