Sunday, August 31, 2008

James' foot...sorry honey

Many of you know that for the last four months James has been fighting a horrible foot infection. It started out small and then got really big. I mean BIG. It started growing, from the top of his foot and all the way down under his foot. It got to the point where he couldn't walk on it and it was very painful. So for the first three months James thought he was just treating athlete's foot. Then he went to the lake one weekend and he came back with his foot all blistered. It was really gross. It had blisters and puss...very nasty. I was worried that this foot fungus thing was contagious and I wanted no part or this!!! He got back from the lake on Sunday and we were leaving again on Monday for a week. So I made him go to the doctor. The doctor told him it was bacterial and here is some antibiotics. I made him sleep with a sock on so I didn't get this foot fungus because I did NOT want this. So a month later and it is still the same, but I went to refill his prescription and I asked the pharmacist how much longer on this medicine. The pharmacist said...when treating a staph infection it could take a couple of months...WHAT?!! Staph infection, no one told us this was a staph infection. So then I decided James need a second opinion and thank goodness I was right. I took him to see a dermatologist and all it was was a skin inflammation and here is some cortisone. Thank goodness!!! I wish I would have take pictures some pictures of James' foot but he would not have any part of that. Sorry honey for making you wear one sock for a month...but I do love you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have never been high in my life but I think I might "feel" like it. My fall allergies are already horrible. So last night I had James find the Allegra. I trust my husband to give me the right medication and he did of course, but the Allegra was Allegra D. I'm not suppose to have any form of D. I was awake at 4:00a.m. and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. My entire body is shaking like I'm having withdrawals. I did have some wonderful quite time with my Father this morning, so that was a positive. In the morning when the alarm goes off I usually hit the snooze two or three times before I finally get up. James gets so mad because his alarm is usually an hour later then mine but not today!! The alarm goes off once and I'm out of bed!! Needless to say James was quite pleased with his wife this morning. Now if I can just get the medicine out of my system I will feel better. I feel so hyper!! I do have to control myself, I am at work. I feel like if anyone wants to talk to me today you probally will not understand me because I am thinking faster than I can speak. Do you ever do that? I do want to say one thing...I can not be held responsible for this blog because I'm way to high to even be writing this so if this does not make sense sorry!! If you only knew how many typos I'm having today you would be laughing with me. I can't type a full sentence with out backspacing. Oh well...good times!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ms. Madison

I had the honor of keeping Madison on Friday. She is the sweetest thing!! I had a great "mommy" experience. Madison slept in until 10:00!! Poor thing I had to wake her up. She was just smiling and laughing all morning. After I got her ready for the day we had to take Rockie to the Vet. What an experience. Trying to keep Rockie in the front seat and trying to keep Madison happy was very interesting. Rockie so badly wanted to "see" Madison and check her out and one thing I can't stand is a dog in any one's face especially a babies face!! So keeping Rockie in the front was quite a task but I was successful. While in the car Madison decided to take a nap so she slept a little while at the Vet. She did wake up and of course just smiling and talking to Rockie. At the exam she got a little fussy so I took her out of her car seat and she got to see all of Rockie. Rockie would look at her and turn his head and try to figure her out. Rockie barked at her and she jumped so high. I thought she would start crying because I know it scared her but just started cracking up at him and kicking her legs wanting more. That was fun to see her enjoying Rockie. It is funny...does everyone think that when you have a baby with you that it's automatically yours? Everyone kept saying your baby is so cute she must look like her daddy. And I would just smile and say thanks. I had just a little taste of mommy hood and it was so much fun. Can't wait to have my own!! Thanks Kelsey for letting me keep you little bundle of joy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love the Olympics!!!

I love the Olympics!!! I am so tired but have loved every minute of it. All the stories, all the drama, all the wins and all the disappointed losses. The other night James and I were watching Michael Phelps with his relay team. OH MY GOODNESS! It was amazing! To come from behind and win the race by a finger tip was amazing. We were giving each other high fives like we just won the race but all I can say is WOW!! Then to watch the men's gymnastics was great as well. To have their top two men get hurt before China and to not even be a medal contender and to come back and get the bronze, WOW. Then you have the ladies. The first night they had so many mistakes and then at the team competition it was a battle for the gold. They did great all the way through until the end. The beam and floor were both challenges for the US. As I was watching the ladies get the silver medal I noticed how disappointed they were, you just won the silver!! It's a big deal to even medal. And then to watch the beach volleyball teams to win huge. All I can say is...I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

We Survived!!!

Wow I had no idea how much work having four kids were. We had a blast. We started off at Burger King and all the kids had the giggles and could not eat dinner. An hour later we finally finished dinner. Off to Joyland. Let me tell you, James was so excited about Joyland!!! WHATEVER! We did all that you could do, all the rides, all the arcades and all the arguing that could happen. None of them wanted to do the same thing at the same time. So my poor dad and myself go and split everyone up. James eventually joined in the fun. There is only so much Aunt Jenn to go around so James had to help me. Here are some pictures of Joyland.

After Joyland it was off to our house. Poor Roo. I knew it would be bad for her and I was right. All four had to hold her and all four had to fight over her. There was only one time I had to get on one of the kids. Brincent was holding her and all of the sudden he threw her across the floor right on her head, so that was a little frustrating. After that it was time for bed. It "only" took me one hour to get all four kids showered and in bed. Morning came and all four were up at 7:30. That's a little early for my day off but I was warned about the early birds. We went to the park and had a lot of fun there.

After lunch and some more arguing we went to the pool. I should not be surprised but Brincent is so brave when it comes to the water and it kinda scares me. Thank goodness he let me put a life jacket on him. He went down this water slide that was really fast. He went forward and backwards so many times that I lost count. We all had a blast. It's really funny to see all their personalities. Lucas is the dad, he wants to take care of everyone. Always looking out for everybody making sure that you hold hands when your in the street. Reagan is the one who will let me know when someone did something wrong. She is the little mama. Brincent is the daredevil. He's the one who tries everything. He's the one who wants to win everything and if he doesn't his little heart just breaks. Annika is the one who is blunt. She told Reagan that Roo likes her more than Reagan. And I did Reagan's hair this morning and after looking at it I wanted to redo it. I told Reagan I didn't like her hair and Annika said to me...You don't like Reagan's did it. Thank you Annika.
We had a great time with all of them and they are great kids to keep.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family fun

This will be a very interesting day. I have four kids spending the night with me and James tonight. Lucas, Reagan, Brincent and Annika are all VERY excited to spend the night with Aunt Fiffer. I wonder if their excited because they have me figured out and know that they can pretty much get anything they want from me. The only one I'm worried about is Roo. Poor Roo her feet won't touch the ground as long as these four are around. Reagan and Annika are her little mother's and Lucas and Brincent like to scare Roo and make her run and hide. Roo is so little she is full grown at four pounds. Here is a picture of her.

Tonight will be fun we are planning on Joyland and if we get rained out it will be MainEvent. It's really funny to see the kids at Joyland. They all have such different ideas of fun. Reagan and Annika like all the roller coasters and Lucas and Brincent like all the twisty turney things. That is diffently not for me!! I will be hanging with the girls on the roller coasters. Everyone wants to do the water slide with Aunt Fiffer and Aunt Fiffer does not want to do water slides but does it any way. I'm making memories right? After a night of fun it's back to my house. I will tell you all about it later, after I survive four kids for one night and one day. If your laughing you need to remember...I don't have any kids yet so to have four all at one time may not be a big thing for you but it is for me. Lucas and Brincent are my funny men and Reagan will join in the fun and Annika is my little moma!! It will be fun just pray James survives as well!!