Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have never been high in my life but I think I might "feel" like it. My fall allergies are already horrible. So last night I had James find the Allegra. I trust my husband to give me the right medication and he did of course, but the Allegra was Allegra D. I'm not suppose to have any form of D. I was awake at 4:00a.m. and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. My entire body is shaking like I'm having withdrawals. I did have some wonderful quite time with my Father this morning, so that was a positive. In the morning when the alarm goes off I usually hit the snooze two or three times before I finally get up. James gets so mad because his alarm is usually an hour later then mine but not today!! The alarm goes off once and I'm out of bed!! Needless to say James was quite pleased with his wife this morning. Now if I can just get the medicine out of my system I will feel better. I feel so hyper!! I do have to control myself, I am at work. I feel like if anyone wants to talk to me today you probally will not understand me because I am thinking faster than I can speak. Do you ever do that? I do want to say one thing...I can not be held responsible for this blog because I'm way to high to even be writing this so if this does not make sense sorry!! If you only knew how many typos I'm having today you would be laughing with me. I can't type a full sentence with out backspacing. Oh well...good times!!


Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to slip you the Allegra D more often if I can get another hour of sleep out of it

mandal said...

Ha!Ha! That is hilarious. I knot the feeling. You don't really know if you like the way you feel or not. Oh my...I guess fall allergies are just around the corner. Blah.

The Louders said...

I can't quit laughing...I bet you were hilariously hyper. Hehe, way to go, James. ;)
Ya know, my eyes have been burning all day, and now I guess I figured out why...but I do love FALL!