Thursday, March 15, 2012

Farrah's 3year stats

I took Farrah to see Dr. G for her three year well check. It was a very interesting day at Dr. G's office. Before we went, James and I were talking about the appointment and James made a BIG parenting mistake! He was asking if Farrah had to have shots this appointment and Farrah heard him and started freaking out! The whole day Farrah would start asking about having shots and start crying....I thought I was going to kill James!!

I drove up to Dr. G's office and Farrah just stared crying and was scared about having shots. I'm doing my best to try and keep Farrah's mind off her appointment. We were very thankful that there were no shots!!

Farrah's three year stats are:

Height: 37 3/4 inches 80th percentile
Weight 27.7 pounds 10th percentile

Farrah, you are one crazy girl! You make us laugh everyday!

You usually wear a size 2T some 3T's if its a top and leggings for the length.

You love to play dress up and to "cook". You are full of SASS!!

You are such a sweet girl. You are always asking to help. I'm trying to teach you to be a helper and you can always find a way to help. You love helping with laundry, cleaning.

You LOVE when your daddy comes home from work. You tell daddy that he works to make you money....haha!

You really love shoes and every kind of shoe. I think yesterday you had on 7 different pairs of shoes.

You love your friends and "school".

Your vocabulary blows us away! We get asked all the time how old you are and then it usually follows up with a "Wow, she's smart!"

You know all your colors, can count to 15 very well and you can also point out every letter and numbers.

Your new phrase is "Momma, your so crazy!"

Your favorite game is giving daddy's kisses away....usually to momma.

You still love playing ball! The other night dad had you hitting the ball with a bat and you could hit it with no problem.

You still go to bed at 9pm and wake up around 9am and you usually have a 2-3 hour nap a day.

You love playing with your dolls too. You new thing is to carry them around and make dad put the baby to's pretty sweet!

You are doing so much and are so active! We love you more and more everyday! You are such a joy and a blessing to us!