Sunday, November 13, 2011

When it pours!

You know the saying when it rains it pours, well this statement always seems true for my family. Its nothing really bad but it just seems that just when I think I've got everything under control something changes.

After my therapy on Wednesday, I started having this spot on my back that was hurting. At first I thought it was from the heat pack they put on me after I'm done with my therapy. I had James check it and he couldn't see anything wrong. So everyday my skin just hurt but I just thought it was from dry skin or something.

Last night I noticed a small cluster of blisters on my back and the pain is getting worse so I went to a clinic today and I have.....Shingles!!! I can honestly say this is the worst pain I've ever felt.

What's so weird is that my back doesn't look bad at all! From what the doctor said was that the Shingles are attacking my nervous system and my nerves are going crazy in this area. But the nerve that is under attack is on the front right side of my chest and goes under my armpit all the way to my right shoulder blade. So this is a large area and one that is very deceiving. From what I've also learned is that Shingles are brought on by stress...haha!!

One challenge I'm having is the sleeping part. Since my double shoulder surgery I can't sleep on either one of my shoulders and my back and front hurt from the Shingles so this is going to get real interesting!!

I have to go back this week and get a shot so hopefully the Shingles won't return and yes that's a possibility....yikes! One last piece of info is that Shingles are not contagious!! Yes, they are in the family of Chicken Pox but there is no way you can get this from me so Farrah and James are totally safe and so are you..haha!!

(The only reason I'm blogging about this is because I want to remember this.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shoulder surgery #2!

A couple of weeks ago I had my left shoulder surgery and I'm officially done with surgeries for a VERY long while! This shoulder surgery was so different then my right shoulder. There was more damage and the tear was worse but I've not had near the pain with this shoulder then I did my right.

From what James tells me (I don't remember anything about that day except for being VERY sick!) Farrah wouldn't leave my side. She was a great mommy sitter...haha! At one point she crawled in my bed and wouldn't leave.....sweet girl!!

Farrah has had a whole lot of fun while I've been down! One night James put his pop up deer blind and Farrah thought that was the greatest thing ever!! There has been lots of playing with Lucas and Annika and Uncle Lance and Aunt Juana too.

I'm very thankful of having a wonderful family that is so willing to help me with Farrah. I'm also very thankful to Kelsey, Abby Cherri and Andrea for bring us meals this past week! It was a huge help and such a blessing!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ms. Piggy!!

This year for Halloween Farrah was a pink pig. I found this costume last year and wanted it so bad! She was the cutest pig I've ever seen! She loved dressing up and was extra excited about all the candy.

We started out Sunday night at my mom and dad's church. They had a trunk or treat and Farrah had a blast. Farrah was joined by all her cousins. This is the church I grew up with all my life and to bring my baby back to them was such a joy. Of course they all loved on Farrah and gave her extra candy! There were jumpers and slides and my favorite a cupcake walk. It took me forever to win some cupcakes but I did!!

On Monday we went to our church's Trunk or treat and then headed off to the Vintage for door to door Trick or Treating. Our church had some fun jumpers and a trunk or treat, and again Farrah was spoiled.

We met up with Lucas and Annika and went to the Vintage for Trick or Treating. That place was so packed but we had so much fun! Farrah was really into it too. She would go to the door and say "Trick or Treat." Farrah had so many comments that by the end of the night we were just laughing at all of them. She was a pretty cute pig if I say so myself...haha!!