Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ms. Piggy!!

This year for Halloween Farrah was a pink pig. I found this costume last year and wanted it so bad! She was the cutest pig I've ever seen! She loved dressing up and was extra excited about all the candy.

We started out Sunday night at my mom and dad's church. They had a trunk or treat and Farrah had a blast. Farrah was joined by all her cousins. This is the church I grew up with all my life and to bring my baby back to them was such a joy. Of course they all loved on Farrah and gave her extra candy! There were jumpers and slides and my favorite a cupcake walk. It took me forever to win some cupcakes but I did!!

On Monday we went to our church's Trunk or treat and then headed off to the Vintage for door to door Trick or Treating. Our church had some fun jumpers and a trunk or treat, and again Farrah was spoiled.

We met up with Lucas and Annika and went to the Vintage for Trick or Treating. That place was so packed but we had so much fun! Farrah was really into it too. She would go to the door and say "Trick or Treat." Farrah had so many comments that by the end of the night we were just laughing at all of them. She was a pretty cute pig if I say so myself...haha!!

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