Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving on up...

Eleven years ago James and I were blessed with our first home. I remember driving around and looking at different houses and we couldn't find anything we liked that wasn't run down or it was not in a great neighborhood. We prayed for God to lead us to the perfect house and he led us to the one we live in now and we have so many great memories! It's hard to believe that we were so young when we bought this house. James was 22 and I was 20! Like I said all the memories we have here are amazing. This is our last full week here and I'm having mixed emotions about leaving here. We have done alot of work on this house from tile, to staining the concrete to painting and painting and painting. I love to paint! There was a joke for a while that I painted at least one room different every year. James teases me that if he ever stripped the walls there would be five inches of different color of paint.

The hardest part is leaving all the memories behind. We have had so many parties, 4th of July, birthday parties, we have brought puppies to this home, we have buried loved pets in the backyard and the hardest part is we lost two babies in this home. We brought our baby girl home to this house. I know those memories will never go away but I won't be able to show Farrah this house and her room anymore. She learned so much in this house, she learned to roll and crawl and walk in this house. I know we will make more memories in our new home and we are excited about that.

Our current home is 930 square feet (perfect first home for two) and we are building a house that is over 2,000 square feet! We have so much room that we won't know what to do with all of it. We are leaving a two bedroom house and moving to a four bedroom house. We have truly been blessed and can't wait for the next chapter in life.

Here are some pictures of the new house!

Part of my kitchen. It is so much bigger then my current kitchen. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this space!

Living room.

When we are all settled in I will post more pics!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Farrah's 1st haircut!

I have been talking to my hairdresser for a while about trimming Farrah's hair but wasn't really sure when to. Randy assured me that I needed to get it cut very soon that way all the baby fuzz would be gone and he promised it would grow thicker and longer way faster.

This morning I loaded Farrah in the car and we headed to see Randy. Once Farrah sat in the actual chair she lost it! She was crying so hard and had real tears but Randy worked his magic and she finally calmed down for him to cut her hair. He did such a great job with Farrah, we was gentle and very fast. She looks like a big girl with her first hair cut!

Randy made it all better! He gave her some candy and the tears stopped...she cracks me up.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

It's hard to believe that last Easter Farrah was four weeks old. She was so tiny and we were so excited...this year was no different. Farrah was so much fun this year. She really got the hang of hunting eggs. We had a big cookout and egg hunt on Saturday with James' family. We had so much fun. Farrah walked everywhere! She is getting so good at walking! She's still kinda wobbly but she's getting better everyday. On Saturday the kids hunted their eggs and then the grownups had a confetti egg war. It got rough but we had so much fun! No one was off limits, except great-grandma.

Sunday we went to church and had an amazing service! Farrah looked pretty adorable if I must say so myself. We had to hunts that day thankfully both in Levelland. Enough talking so brace yourself with a ton of pictures...sorry!

All ready for church.

Lula bought all the little girls bunny ears and Farrah loved hers!

Every time Farrah would find an egg she did not want to put it in her basket. She would scream every time...it was pretty funny!

Farrah and her Lula

Four generations of Fortner's
Grandma Fortner, Papa Jim, James and Farrah

Needless to say Farrah had a blast and was spoiled by both grandparents but isn't that what grandparents are for?