Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

What a wonderful Christmas 2010 was! Farrah was so much fun this year. She had a little trouble opening all the gifts cause she wanted to play with everything but she did pretty good! Farrah got so many gifts from both our families and we loved giving our gifts to all of them.

We celebrated Christmas with both our families on Christmas Eve so we were pretty busy but had a wonderful time!

This year Lucas and Annika shared the Christmas story...they did a great job!!

Farrah opening presents!!

We had a wonderful day with family celebrating Christmas!

Today on Christmas day was so much fun. James (aka Santa) was so glad that Farrah slept til almost 10am today since we didn't get in bed til 2am. He had to put Farrah's kitchen together and let me tell you we had our first official dose of Santa's workshop and next year Mrs. Clause will do a better job of planning ahead...Sorry Santa ;-)

Farrah woke up to more presents and Santa gifts and I must say she was so funny to watch. She told her daddy hi and then passed by all her presents and went to play with her new dolls she got yesterday. After a little warming up she dove right in. After it was all said and done she ran up to me and gave me a big kiss and did the same for to her daddy....that makes it worth staying up til 2am..Ha!!

Still waking up.

Farrah's kitchen!! (Yes it matches her you know me? Ha!)

Merry Christmas 2010!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


We took Farrah to see Santa and I must say she was NOT impressed! Poor Santa....he was so good with her. Farrah has actually seen Santa twice and both times she screamed her head off. The first time was at Kids Space and the second time was at the Vintage. I need to scan the first Santa picture but here is the second Santa picture. I really don't enjoy seeing my child scream at the top of her lungs...I promise!

I also got our Christmas cards in and I LOVE them! They are so fun! I made some cookies for Farrah to eat, hoping she would just eat one cookies and before I was finished with pictures she had inhaled three cookies! When I took the plate away she cried for was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I love this time of year! All the fun family traditions and getting to teach Farrah the real meaning of Christmas! I can't wait to see our families and taking part in all the different traditions. Have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making cookies!!

All of my nieces and nephews were in town for the weekend. We thought it would be fun to make and decorate cookies for my two great aunts that are in assisted living facilities. These two women mean so much to me and I am so thankful Farrah gets to see her great great aunts.

We started off at mom and dad's house baking and decorating and I was pleasantly surprised that all the kids really enjoyed themselves. I think we ended up decorating about four dozen cookies! We had cookies coming out of our ears.

First we we to visit my Great Aunt Rob. It had been awhile since I've seen her and she looked so great and so happy. She was so excited to see all of our children and hugged them all like they were her own grand kids. I have so many special memories at my Aunt Rob and Uncle Son's house. Every year she would invite the entire family (around 75 people) over for a big Christmas celebration with food and music. We loved the food and visiting part but every grand kid was expected to play an instrument or sing a song for the entire group...I hated this part! When I look back at those days it was so special for all of them. We always ended the night with Silent Night and I would sit and watch my great aunts and uncles with tears in their eyes just being happy that we were all together...what a great memory! We haven't had a family Christmas since my grandmother passed away and I must say I really do miss it!

Then we went to see my Great Aunt Nita. Aunt Nita will always have a special place in my heart! When we were younger she lived next door to us and she was like another grandmother to us. We have so many special memories with Aunt Nita. It had been awhile since she had seen Farrah and she was so sweet with her. Farrah ran right up to her and gave her a big kiss...I guess Farrah knows Aunt Nita is pretty special!

We had so much fun seeing our great aunts and these are the last two aunts of this generation and that generation will be gone. It's sad to think that but each and everyone of my great aunts and great uncles have played such a special role in my life. I could write a novel about each and every one of them! I am so blessed to come from such a big and amazing family!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Play

Farrah had her first Christmas play at her school today. I can't describe the feeling I had watching my baby up there. For so many years I had watched other kids and was hoping for the day mine would be up there and there she was! Very exciting!

James and I had a bet going on if Farrah would cry or not. I said she would and James said she wouldn't....I won!! It was the funnest thing ever. She walked upon stage and she was ok til she turned around and saw everyone staring at her and she lost it. I guess you could call it stage freight??? Ha!!

I'm told that the little boy in the red and white stripe shirt is Farrah's little boyfriend....not sure what to think about this!