Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18 Months!

Really?1?!?! I can't believe it! Ms. Farrah Nichole you are 18 months old and one BUSY girl!

You weigh 21 pounds (10th percentile)

You are 31 inches long (60th percentile)

You still wear 12 months clothes. I actually bought 18 months for fall and I'm thinking they aren't going to fit....great!!

Size 3 diapers (You have worn size 3 forever and I don't think you will go to a bigger size before we potty train.

You are one busy girl! I watch you everyday and I am amazed how you never sit down. You will sit down for me to read you a book. You LOVE books! We read all day long and every book you bring to me we read it at least four times before you find another book.

You have become a little picky on food.

You have so many words now. You can say....uh oh, no, bye, hi, momma, daddy, roo, pup (up), Nawna (Shawna), RaRa (Reagan), Nana, Papa, Naney (Dandy), BB (Brincent), Abby, Kate, jua (juice), shoes, toes, nose, eyes and so much more.

You have become quite the hand full. You have an opinion and you love to voice it.

My favorite thing you do is of course the wide open mouth but here for the past month when we go somewhere and you recognize someone you wave and say hi! I love your wave! You have no idea how many people you make smile by just waving to them and saying hi.

You love puzzles and want to do them all by yourself and you can do them all by yourself!

You LOVE being outside. You cry if we go outside without you even if its only for two seconds.

These past 18 months have flown by and I can't believe you are almost two!!! We are truly blessed to be your mommy and daddy and love you!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A day with Farrah....

Oh where to begin...Here lately Farrah has been sleeping til 10am and that is a great start to my day! Farrah is quite the busy body and by the end of the day we are all worn out!

Farrah's new trick is riding on her horse standing up! She is so funny to watch. I don't want to be one of those mom's that don't let their children try things and yes she may hurt herself but she has to learn. I think she gets the adventure high from me. I still want to try new things and test the boundaries where as James likes to play it safe. James is going to have his hands full with his adventurous girls! Haha!

Once James gets home its wrestle mania time. Poor James! I know he wants to come home and sit and relax but as soon as the garage door opens Farrah is running to it yelling DADDY!!! He can't even get in the door before getting attacked (I think he really likes this though). James spends pretty much all night wrestling with Farrah and giving horse back rides and Farrah is smiling from ear to ear.

We love just being home being a family that plays together. Farrah has done a new thing that James nor I know what to do with. She has refused to eat and it is stressing these parents out. She will eat breakfast but not lunch or dinner. What I mean by not eating is not wanting to eat her dinner but wants candy, cookies, chips....any kind of junk food. Its been a rough couple of weeks but I'm hoping this stage of refusing food passes quickly! Any ideas on how to get Farrah to eat? We have tried everything we can think of and nothing. Isn't it amazing how an 18 month old can out smart two grown educated adults??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

The past two weeks Farrah and I have been going to mommy and me classes. It has been so much fun!! It's only for 30 minutes and the time flies by. The first day we did some fun songs and got use to the water, the second day we went under the water and from there on she learned how to float on her back, swim under the water and how to climb out of the pool all by herself.

It's been a fun two weeks and I hate that its ending...the best part we got to spend the last two weeks with out best friends, Kelsey and Madison and Abby and Maci. Madison was so funny with all her jumping in. Then Maci just loved every bit of it. I don't think I saw her upset once. Farrah on the other hand had an opinion about doing things she didn't want to do like floating on her back. By the time we went around the pool once Farrah was telling me she was all done and bye bye.

Farrah and me right before swimming lessons.

Farrah climbing out of the pool all by herself.

Farrah jumping in!

Having fun with all our friends!