Sunday, February 28, 2010

Party Time!

We celebrated Farrah's 1st birthday with her party on Saturday we had so much fun! She is one blessed little girl! Our friends let us have they party at their house since they have a lot more room then we do and it was great. I could tell you all about the party but I'll show it in pictures.

Farrah's first doll house.

I tried to get a picture of Farrah but she was to busy playing with her friends.

After she got done opening presents Farrah started to perform for everyone with blowing kisses and clapping it was way to cute!

First bite of cake!

After cake. I think all she ate was the icing she never got to the cake part.

We are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family! I have imagined for 10 years what it would be like to have my own child's birthday party and it was even better then I imagined. We have had so many "firsts" as a family and each one is so special and fun! Happy Birthday Farrah and thank you to all our friends and family that blessed Farrah with even more presents.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say it isn't so!!

February 25, 2009 will forever be a day I will never forget. It started off as any normal morning. Headed to work but this morning was different. I was praying for our children and wondering when, where and how. Left work and went to the gym to my kickboxing class...oh how I miss you...and met James at the park. It was such a pretty warm day for February and we decided to go for a walk to enjoy the sun. And then we got the call that changed our lives forever! A friend called us and said to call his sister that was a nurse and that she had very good news for us. (I can't give names of who called us but you know who you are and thank you!) So we called and was told that a baby girl was born and her birth mom needed a family for her baby and she heard about us and wanted to meet us. February 25th will be a day we will never forget. James and I went home that night trying not to get our hopes up and trying to get a plan in order. I don't think either one of us got much sleep that night.

The next morning we went to the hospital to meet this young girl and she was scared and wanted to go home. She stayed long enough for us to meet her and to sign the hospital release papers to us and she was gone. I know I will never forget her name or what she looks like. She is a beautiful girl with a heart full of gold. She gave the ultimate gift to a family that was hurting so badly. She gave us the gift of life! A little life that was so precious and pure.

I remember seeing "baby girl" for the first time. That's what they called her...she had no name. I remember when they put the id bracelets on me and then James and us looking at each other thinking is this for real? Seeing baby girl and falling in love with her the minute we laid eyes on her. How scared we both were. She was in NICU for a good reason. She was so tiny and needed help breathing and on oxygen. She was a little premature and had no prenatal care. I remember when the nurse asked us if we wanted to hold her and we looked at each other and didn't know what to do. I was the first one to hold her and I will never forget that feeling. Had all kinds of feelings...feelings of joy, heartache, peace and thankfulness. I remember thanking God for this precious baby girl. I remember the nurse asking if we had a camera and we didn't think about bringing one so we took one with my cell phone. I remember texting that first picture to our family and friends. I remember handing baby girl over to James and seeing his tears of joy and fears all at the same time. I remember putting her back in the nurses arms and leaving the hospital so we could call our parents. I remember that phone call...they didn't believe us! I remember going back to work because we didn't know what else to do. I remember driving to Levelland to watch my niece tumble at a basketball game that same night. I remember driving back to the hospital with grandparents with us. I remember us naming baby girl Farrah Nichole. I remember putting Farrah in Jean's arms for the first time and seeing pure joy on her face. I remember putting Farrah in my mom and dad's arms and how proud they were. I remember thinking how tiny Farrah is in my dads giant arms. I remember kissing Farrah goodnight and promising her not to worry that we would be back. I will never forget this day.

Oh Farrah I can just sit here and cry and think how you changed our lives. You will never understand the huge hole you filled in our hearts. You are a precious gift and we are honored to call you daughter. You may not have been born from my body but you were born from my heart. We are so proud of you and you make us laugh and smile everyday. You keep us in awe of your beauty, how you smile and laugh and tease. We love you and Happy Birthday!!

First picture of Farrah

First family picture

Monday, February 22, 2010

Parenthood isn't for the weak!

Farrah had another first this week and not a fun first either. She had her first high fever. On Thursday I took her to the doctor and she had a double ear infection so we started the antibiotics and Friday night she had gotten sick and threw up (that's a first as well). So the nurse told us to stop the antibiotics and restart on Sunday to see it she might be allergic to it. So Sunday morning she woke up from her morning nap with a fever and it got as high as 103. Talk about stressful! James was gone all weekend taking a class so I got the pleasure of trying to figure out what I should do. Should I take her to the ER and spend $5K and all they do is send me home and tell what I already know what to do or suck it up and be the mom I know I am. So I sucked it up and I'm so glad I did. Farrah isn't much a cuddlier which just breaks my heart but when she doesn't feel good that's all she wants to do. I know it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. All she wanted was her mommy, blankie and thumb. I can tell when she is tired or doesn't feel good cause that is the only time she sucks her's pretty sweet. James got home around 7:30pm and helped me get the fever down. I stayed up til midnight to check fever again and it was still at 100. At 2am she woke up so I just moved to the couch and slept with her there. Farrah has never slept in our bed with us, she has never wanted to she loves her own bed so to be able to hold her all night and watch her sleep and hear her breath was just precious to me. I found myself just watching her all night and falling more in love with her. I told James last night that being a mommy isn't for the sissy's and I really found out how strong that mommy gene really is. To loose sleep and worry about my baby is so worth everything to know that she is ok. We are off to the doctor this morning and will be back on the mend in no time! We have to get better since this is Farrah's birthday week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a glimpse of my day...

When Farrah turned 11 months we stared changing her from formula to whole milk and its been a process, but I am glad to say that Farrah is on whole milk!! Talk about a nice little pay raise for this family. She has had a little tummy trouble with the new milk so I am only giving her two milk bottles a day. With this new tummy problem we are having a lot of diapers that are being wasted because its just poop balls (sorry, I know its gross but lets be real this happens). So today after the fifth diaper change of just being poop and not wet I found myself putting the poop in the toilet and putting the diaper back on. Really...why waste a perfectly good diaper when it's not really messed up in the first place. My husband is going to be so grossed out by this but oh well, just look at it as saving you money honey ;-).

Can you tell there's not much going on at this house? It's nice to have some down because its about to get really busy. Next weekend we are having Farrah's first birthday breaks my heart to even type that...first birthday (sigh). Next weekend is also the weekend my husband, James, will be ordained as a pastor at our church. We are so excited to see what God has in store for us in this next chapter of life. It's always a ride, some rides are fun and some are really hard but always a ride and I wouldn't do it with anybody else but with James and Farrah!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you roll??

Farrah found the toilet paper this week! James was watching her and called me to hurry with a camera and this is what I saw...

She found the toilet this week as well. Every time it flushes she just gets the biggest grin on her face and wants to play in it. I have to make sure the lids stay down.

Farrah has been "helping" so much lately. She helps with the laundry, she helps with the dishes and she helps her daddy work on computers.

Notice the little yellow ball in her hand...this has become her favorite toy at the moment. She even took a nap with it the other day. She would not let me take it!

I have really enjoyed this stage with Farrah. I love learning through Farrah's eyes. She is learning something new everyday. How she gets excited about the smallest things. How she gets so excited to see people that she loves. How when she doesn't like something there is no changing her mind.