Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of school...

Farrah had her first day of school on Monday and she was very excited! Our church started a KDO (Kids Day Out) program this year. What I love about this program is that Farrah will get to learn so many things. Every month Farrah learns a new color, letters and a number. Farrah is a pro with her colors and knows her ABC's and how to count but we are working on how to recognize them on paper, so this program will be great for Farrah!

I took Farrah to her first day of school and she was so cute! She walked in carrying her sleep mat and ready and excited for her new adventure. Last year when we went to school she cried and and by the end of the year she was telling me "Bye mom...see you later!" This year there was no crying, Farrah is becoming such a big girl!!

When I went to pick Farrah up from school, I was told Farrah did great! I did find out that she was a little toot. This girl is so much like her daddy that it just cracks me up!

The fun part about this year is that James get to take Farrah to school! While Farrah is at school I'll be doing my shoulder rehab. I think James is kinda excited about this. I usually get to do everything with Farrah so this will be something for just James and Farrah to do.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Last week I had my right shoulder surgery and it was a little more then I expected. I had a slap tear and then once my Dr. took a closer look at my shoulder, he realized that the actual ball was no longer in the socket. So after my surgery he told James that my rehab was going to be real fun...haha!

I've needed to have this surgery for a while and thankfully I love my Dr. He is so great that he will be doing surgery on my left shoulder in October...haha!! James and I talked about which shoulder to do first and thought it might be better to do my dominate arm first just in case I didn't want to get the other one done. I haven't had a lot of pain unless I move my shoulder in a way that I know I'm not suppose to, like trying to dress Farrah. My right shoulder is higher then my left and the movement feels so foreign to me. I had no idea my shoulder was out of its socket and it feels so unnatural for it to be in place.

When we got home I went to bed and crashed all day and then that evening we discovered that our AC went out at home. I was in such a fog that I really don't remember much but being loaded up by my brother and LaJuana, and headed to Levelland to my parents house. They were out of town that weekend so it worked out great. Lance and LaJuana were such a great help to me that night. Shawna helped with Farrah during the day. She took Farrah the night before and then took her swimming and then took her to the park. Farrah had so much fun that I don't think she was ready to come home.

Needless to say, this week has been very interesting. Having only one good arm with a VERY active two year old is a big challenge. The hardest part is not really being able to hold Farrah. Farrah has been such a trooper. She has truly blessed my heart this week. She has been the sweetest thing! She saw my staples for the first time and said "Oh mommy....I kiss you booboo!" I've been asking/telling her that she needs to be a helper. She has done great with helping me with a lot of different things this week. The biggest challenge this week has been her car seat!

Having only one arm this past week I have learned a few things about myself. I am learning patience, how to ask for help, and to slow down. I have always known that I'm not a patient person but this week its really been put to the test. Not with James or Farrah but with myself. I have always been a person who did the best I could. Not being able to do my best was been really frustrating for me. Not being able to cook, clean and bath my own child much less bath my own self was really hard.

So not being able to do things my self, I found myself having to ask for help. James has been amazing!! He has had to dress me, do my hair and help me even shower. It has brought a lot of laughter and some tears (when it comes to my hair). We've had some great friends and family really step up and help us by cooking us dinner and helping with Farrah. I've even had to call upon friends to straighten my hair...haha!!

The most important thing that I've needed to learn is to slow down. If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE being busy. This week has been such a busy week for us. I've had two funerals, doctor appointments, physical therapy and so many more things. By Friday, I was worn out and now I'm battling a summer cold......great!! I always know when I've done to much cause I usually end up getting sick. I'm excited about this week because I am choosing to slow down and play with Farrah before she starts school next week.

Thank you all who have helped me this past week! James is very glad he didn't have to cook any this week!

I found this picture that James took of me and Farrah....I have no idea when he took this.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heavy Hearted....

This week has been a pretty hard week! My hometown of Levelland lost three very special people this week. One was Christie Devitt, she and I went to high school together. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like Christie. She is so genuine and sweet.

So with the loss of Christie this week it had me thinking. I had surgery last week and was starting to get frustrated with life. Getting frustrated with having only one arm, not being able to hold Farrah, having to ask for help, having to slow down and feeling like I have been replaced in some friendships. If you know me at all, these things are important to me! My family and my friends. To top it all off, I also had to quit my new job this week before it even started due to my surgery. I'm so thankful that I don't have to work, but I was going to be a teacher for our KDO program at church. It was perfect because Farrah was going to be able to go with me and I was going to start being able to start saving some extra money for fertility. I know my plans aren't my own but it's still disappointing!

It kills me to tell Farrah "No, I can't hold you baby." But I have done lots of sitting and holding Farrah in my lap and that is truly wonderful! I have to slow down to sit and hold Farrah which does this mommy a lot of good. Farrah's little world has been turned upside down this week. We've had lots of family helping with her and she is so tired. So I am choosing to slow down and letting us both rest. Even if it means watching Toy Story 3 multiple times a day...haha!!

Asking for help is very hard for me to do as well. I am a VERY independent person and pretty much do everything on my own. My biggest challenge this week was figuring out how to keep my house clutter free. If my house is cluttered, I will not rest. The first thing I did was make my huge bed all by myself! I did it one handed and it was a challenge, but I did it! It didn't look great but I did it. After that I put dishes in the dishwasher one handed, and after that I was on a roll....well as much as one can do one handed. Haha!!

I have discovered this week, especially after Christie, what I need most is God and my family. My little family of three is the most important thing to me and as long as I have my husband and my daughter, then I am truly blessed! We all need friends but I have to remember, I married my best friend. James, you make me laugh everyday and make me proud to be your wife. You make me want to be a better person, wife and mother.