Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of school...

Farrah had her first day of school on Monday and she was very excited! Our church started a KDO (Kids Day Out) program this year. What I love about this program is that Farrah will get to learn so many things. Every month Farrah learns a new color, letters and a number. Farrah is a pro with her colors and knows her ABC's and how to count but we are working on how to recognize them on paper, so this program will be great for Farrah!

I took Farrah to her first day of school and she was so cute! She walked in carrying her sleep mat and ready and excited for her new adventure. Last year when we went to school she cried and and by the end of the year she was telling me "Bye mom...see you later!" This year there was no crying, Farrah is becoming such a big girl!!

When I went to pick Farrah up from school, I was told Farrah did great! I did find out that she was a little toot. This girl is so much like her daddy that it just cracks me up!

The fun part about this year is that James get to take Farrah to school! While Farrah is at school I'll be doing my shoulder rehab. I think James is kinda excited about this. I usually get to do everything with Farrah so this will be something for just James and Farrah to do.

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Monica Curry said...

I love reading about little Farrah and your family! Thanks for still updating =) She is getting TOO big!!! We miss ya'll!