Monday, September 27, 2010

Wordless Monday...well kinda

Farrah has been up to so many fun things lately so I will show you in pictures.

Farrah went to her first Texas Tech game of the season and LOVED it!! She was so fun and was great the entire game.

Watching daddy mowing and wishing she was outside.

Farrah was my date to Homecoming in Levelland. Again she did great! She loves watching football. Yes my mom bought her a mum and Farrah thought that was the best thing ever. She found the bell and drove us all crazy with it...she was so fun to watch!

This picture cracks me up. Farrh always sleeps with her "lovie" and yesterday they were both in the washer when James put her to bed. She cried and cried and when it was finally dry enough she had fallen asleep. I went to give her her lovie and this is what I saw.....she had fallen asleep sitting up. This is a first!

Monday, September 6, 2010


A couple of weeks ago James and I decided to put Farrah in PDO (Parents Day Out). She is only going one day and on that one day I am helping James at church with filing or anything he needs me to do.

So this past week was Farrah first day at "school". I dropped her off thinking she would just run in and never look back but she surprised me by crying and not wanting to go. I gave her to her teacher and stood around the corner and she stopped crying in no time...thank goodness!

I headed to James' office and helped him all day and loved just being with him with no interruption. We had lunch and it was great. I forgot how it felt to eat a hot meal. Don't get me wrong I love having Farrah with us all the time but a little break was pretty nice.

The funny part of the day is that no one really told me what time to pick Farrah up at the end of the day...I thought I saw 2:45 so when I went to get her and I was 15 minutes late! Oops...I was suppose to be there at 2:30. I of course apologized and promised I would never be late again! Farrah had so much fun that day that she didn't want to leave which makes me feel great.

They send a note home saying how her day was and this is what it said...Nap time 45 minutes which doesn't surprise me, Lunch time-snacked some didn't eat much which again doesn't surprise me, Disposition-Cooperative, Busy and Quiet this one made me laugh cause there is not one thing about Farrah that is quiet except only when she is doing something she isn't suppose to. Then on the back the teacher writes a note and it says...We played in the water today Farrah had a wonderful 1st day. She is such a sweetheart. We are so happy that she is able to join us. She's an excellent addition. Farrah loved playing with the fish in the water. She even managed to sneak one back to the room . She had it in her had and we didn't see it. She truly is a sweetie.

We are so glad Farrah loved PDO!

Bags packed and ready to go!

Farrah wanted no help in carrying her backpack...I think it weighed more then her.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tumbling Tumbleweed!!

Sorry for the title but if you watch Handy Manny all day then you get this title, if not sorry you will just have to humor me...ha!

Farrah started her tumbling class this week and she LOVES it! We walked in and the first thing she said was "Oh wow". When I signed her up for this class I had no idea it was a parent and tot class so needless to say I get to "tumble" as well. I'm just hoping I don't pull or break something....its been a few years.

Our teacher is Ms. Megan and she is super sweet and Farrah really likes her. She was so patient with Farrah and pretty much let Farrah do what Farrah wanted to do so Farrah loved that. Farrah jumped on the trampoline, slid down into the foam pit, walked the balance beam and did a big swing. Farrah loved every bit of it!

Thank goodness this class is only 45 minutes long cause I'm not sure how more she could handle...I mean I could handle. :)