Monday, August 31, 2009

Six Months!!

Time is flying by! Miss Farrah you are six months old.

What you are doing:

You can sit up for a bit on your own.

You are wearing size 3-6 months.

You are on your last package of size two diapers and on your way to size three.

You are still the happiest baby I've ever seen.

You want to be held all the time which I don't mind cause I know when you start walking you won't let me hold you so I will hold you as much as I can. Your only this little once right?

You are eating all kinds of food. You love green beans, peas, sweet potato, applesauce, pears and peaches. I can't get you to drink from a sippy cup yet but we are working on it.

You had a first this week...You spent the weekend away from us. You did great of course! Both Lula and Nana loved keeping you.

You are very ticklish which is so much fun.

You have the best laugh. You are starting to laugh at yourself which is very funny to watch.

You love to play patty cake.

You have learned to fake cough. It is really funny! After you cough, I will cough and you get the best chuckle. You really like it when Dandy get's you going.

You still squeal at the top of your voice and you are getting really loud. You mostly like to do this in restaurants.

Sitting like a big girl!

Surprise Weekend

Well I wouldn't call it a total surprise weekend. I knew we were going out of town just didn't know where to. We took Farrah to Levelland to stay with both grandmothers. I think they were pretty excited to keep her. Farrah stayed with Jean Friday night and Saturday and then with my mom on Saturday night and Sunday. From what I understand they all had a great time!

We left Lubbock and headed to DFW! We had an amazing time. We went to a late movie on Friday night. We slept in on Saturday. We haven't done that for six months. We did a little shopping and then James let me decide what to do next. We headed to Hurricane Harbour...if you know James and me at all you know we are the biggest kids at heart. We love to water parks and theme parks. So it was really hard to choose between Hurricane Harbour or Six Flags but I think we made the right decision. We hadn't been to Hurricane Harbour in years. I don't think our feet will ever be the same. The older I get the more tender footed I get and James has always been tender footed. It was pretty funny to watch James walk across hot concrete. After the water park we headed back to get cleaned up and headed out to dinner. We wanted to catch a Ranger's baseball game but they were playing out of town this weekend. Then we didn't realize until it was to late but the Cowboys were playing. We missed the chance to see the new stadium! Oh well we will get there some day I promise. So we headed to SouthLake Town Square. I love this place! It just makes me happy. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then just walked around the square. We just sat and talked and enjoyed watching people. There are some very interesting people outside in the summer. James and I both agreed that we HAVE to do this every year. To take a vacation without kids was so great for our marriage.

I never realized how busy you can get with your family and I put James on the back burner. But having the amazing husband I have he understands that Farrah needs a lot of attention. He also realizes that Farrah will grow up and move on and we will always be together. So for now I will do by best to give not only Farrah my all but also my husband. I'm trying hard to find balance and with the help of family, friends and God I will find it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A First for Mommy...

All of you know that we waited and wanted a baby for so VERY long and are blessed by Farrah. I have always dreamed of being a mommy and being able to stay at home is a true sacrifice for my family financially but it is so worth it! In Farrah's short life I can count on one hand how many times I've left her with someone else but other then that she is with me all the time and I would not trade it for anything in the world. I love that I'm the one who gets her out of the bed each morning and the one who feeds her, the one who bathes her and the one how puts her to bed. I have to remember that James likes these moments too and I have to share!

So this coming weekend James and I are going on a getaway without Farrah!! Am I ready for this? Not really but it is MUCH needed!! But I'm excited for both grandmother's. They have not gotten to keep Farrah over night and want to keep her so here is a first for me...leaving my baby girl over night for TWO nights!! James has been away for a couple of weekends and when he comes home Farrah is very excited to see him. So I know it will be good for me and James to get a way but it will be good for Farrah to be with her grandparents too.

James asked his mom to keep Farrah on Friday and Saturday and my mom will have her on Saturday and Sunday. So Friday Jean works so I asked if I needed to get a sitter and Jim, James' dad, said no that he would keep her!! If any of you know Jim this makes me laugh cause Jim is this tough guy but when it comes to his granddaughter's he's a big teddy bear! So Farrah will stay with Papa Jim Friday til Lula gets home. I can't wait to see how this goes!

The last two weeks Farrah has not stayed in the nursery. Last week I got paged right when the sermon started so I went to see what was going on and poor Farrah was really upset so I just took her into the service and she did great. So today I drop her off and she immediately starts crying so I told Jessie if she is still crying in ten minutes page me. Well I get paged and I go and get her and as soon as she feels my hands on her she stops crying. I'm not kidding! I hold her and she takes a deep she's saying "Mommy's here!!!" So I tried to go back to church but she wasn't going to have it. So we came home. We'll try again! But to tell you the truth it kinda just makes my heart melt. To be the one person who can come to the rescue makes me love her that much more! My prayer is that I will always be that person for her. When she has a bad day at school or her friends are having problems and for her to come to me and "rescue" her is a wonderful thought! To be able to share with her the Jesus that lives in me and to be a person she can depend on...I don't have words for.

On a side note...Farrah turns six months this week!! Where oh where did the time go? I will let you know all about her appointment next week. Again I say, sweet baby girl we are truly blessed!!

Farrah's favorite time is waking up daddy and stealing his pillow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy went hunting and I want to go!!

How can you resist this smile?!

I don't know if you can read her shirt but it says Hunting Diva. Farrah's friend Madison let us borrow this wonderful shirt. Her daddy is a hunter as well.

Farrah has a first this week...she is sitting up!! It's only for about a minute but she can do it. She does good til she starts looking around or reaches for something. She is five months old and I secretely want to push her over so she won't sit up. (That sounds horrible) I don't PUSH her I promise!! She is growing up WAY to fast.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Body!!

Oh my goodness!! I think when Farrah turned five months she became miss busy body. I tell my mom and James' mom how busy she is and they just smile like they don't believe me...that is until they saw her and held her this week. Both mom's said to me how busy she is now. I know!! I was watching Farrah the other day and was noticing that she is always moving. Even when she is still she has something moving. I was holding her the other night and we were just chillin and she could not sit still! She has her feet moving or her hands going...non stop. Just to think how she started out with no prenatal care and how healthy and active she is just blesses my heart. God truly had His hands on her and protected her the entire nine months.

This weekend my grandfather came to town so Farrah got to meet her only living Great-Grand Pa. I think he was pretty impressed with her. She was playing in the floor while we had dinner and Papa was watching her and he turned to me and asked "Can I pinch her to make her cry?" I told him if she wanted to hear her scream. Papa was amazed how happy she is. On the way home I was thinking how amazing it is at my age (and I'm not THAT old) to have three living grandparents and for Farrah to have gotten to meet all of them. And how healthy they all are. All of my grandparents are all very independent, they still drive and live on their own. I pray Farrah gets to an age where she will remember her Great-Grandparents being healthy and independent.

Four generation picture of the Caroland's.

One last note. Farrah's personality is really starting to come out. I was shopping with my mom and sister on Saturday and Farrah has learned how to take her bows off and she is very proud of herself! I was getting on to her because she knows what she is doing and I finally gave up and took the bow off. You know what she did? Smiled big as Dallas. She is so proud of herself! Of course mom and Shawna did not help at all because they kept laughing at her so then she started putting on a show.

I still don't have the words on how happy and blessed we are by Farrah. She is an absolute joy!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Swinging Good Time!!

Last night we saw James' parents and grandma. We had a wonderful time with them. Ever since our oldest niece was born Jim and Jean have had this little kiddy swing and for years I've watched all my nieces grow up playing in this swing and I could not help myself wonder when my own children would play in this swing. There have been many laughs from this swing. Last night I put my own daughter in the swing for the first time and it was everything I imagined. She LOVED it. She is an outside girl anyway and she sat in the swing and she hung on and smiled the entire time. If the mosquito's would not have been so bad I think she would have napped in it.

Farrah got to see her Great-Grandma last night to and they were fun to watch together last night. Grandma played patty cake with Farrah's feet last night and Farrah thought this was pretty funny. Sitting there last night watching Great-Grandma with Farrah just makes me realize that our grandparents aren't going to be around forever. We are very blessed to have three grandparents still living. I want more than anything for Farrah to know her Great-grandparents. All of our grandparents have and always will mean the world to us. We have so many great memories with them and I can't wait til Farrah gets to make those great memories with her own grandparents.

Farrah has met two out of three grandparents and they are crazy about her. A couple of weekends we went and saw my Meme. My parents walked in without us and the first thing Meme said was "Where is MY baby". This just makes me smile. If you don't know I have the greatest Meme ever!! I can't even put it into words how amazing the lady is. All I have to say is that if you ever get to meet her you will be truly blessed! Matter of fact both of our grandmother's are amazing women of Christ and have taught us and love us both like only a grandmother could.

Here is Great-grandma playing patty cake with Farrah's feet.

We also got to see James' Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jodie last night. Aunt Jodie had seen Farrah before but Uncle Jerry had not. Farrah became a big fan of Uncle Jerry last night. Anytime Farrah would start fussing Jerry would take her outside and just talk to her. He was telling her stories about when James was a little boy. Jerry gave Farrah to Jodie so she could play with her and Farrah got so upset and Jerry took her back and Farrah was happy again. I think Jerry liked this!

Last night we were driving home and James was telling me that he was closest to his Uncle Jerry. He was the one who took him hunting for the first time, he helped coached his little league baseball games and Jerry went to EVERY football game for James. So for James to see Farrah making a connection with his Uncle Jerry was pretty special for him to.

Uncle Jerry feeding Farrah