Monday, August 31, 2009

Six Months!!

Time is flying by! Miss Farrah you are six months old.

What you are doing:

You can sit up for a bit on your own.

You are wearing size 3-6 months.

You are on your last package of size two diapers and on your way to size three.

You are still the happiest baby I've ever seen.

You want to be held all the time which I don't mind cause I know when you start walking you won't let me hold you so I will hold you as much as I can. Your only this little once right?

You are eating all kinds of food. You love green beans, peas, sweet potato, applesauce, pears and peaches. I can't get you to drink from a sippy cup yet but we are working on it.

You had a first this week...You spent the weekend away from us. You did great of course! Both Lula and Nana loved keeping you.

You are very ticklish which is so much fun.

You have the best laugh. You are starting to laugh at yourself which is very funny to watch.

You love to play patty cake.

You have learned to fake cough. It is really funny! After you cough, I will cough and you get the best chuckle. You really like it when Dandy get's you going.

You still squeal at the top of your voice and you are getting really loud. You mostly like to do this in restaurants.

Sitting like a big girl!

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Just Believing said...

Cutie pie she is!!! I like the fake coughing LOL