Friday, May 24, 2013

Last day of KDO 2012-2013

Wednesday was the last day of KDO and we ended it with a blast!  We had a school wide water day.  All the kids had a great time.  Last year I was with the toddlers and we didn't last long.  This year I had the older 2's and 3 years old's and we stayed the whole time.

We enjoyed water gun fights, slip and slides, bouncers and popsicle's.  We even had  a picnic outside.  After lunch we headed inside and had a movie rest and watched "Finding Nemo" and was surprised that half the class stayed awake.

One of Farrah's BFF, Jack

I think at this point she was chasing dad with the water gun...haha!!

It's so fun to see how much Farrah has grown this year.  She LOVED school.  She learned to write letter's....her favorite letters to write are the letter's F, P and L.  She also memorized memory verses with every letter of the alphabet.  She loved her teacher's Ms. Amanda and Ms. Callie!!!

I can't believe my baby will be in Pre-K next year!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

These past couple of weeks have been super busy but so much fun!!

My niece, Quinn, has been playing softball for Coronado and they have played playoff games the past four weeks.

Farrah was inspired by Quinn....haha!!  It's crazy to me that she can actually play softball this fall.

Farrah has a new trick.  She has turned into the biggest monkey....she climbs on EVERYTHING!!

I love this picture!  My in-laws raised four boys and I love seeing them being surrounded by five granddaughters.  Its a constant battle for Lula and Poppa's lap around here.

Farrah had her last soccer game for the season....she had so much fun and can't wait til next year!

It has finally gotten warm enough to start swimming here and I guarantee you we will be here most of the summer!

Farrah has her last day of KDO this week.  I looked at my calender for June and we have nothing and we couldn't be more excited about that!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!  We started off with my favorite splurge....donuts and then it was off to church.  At our church they always do a great job making mom's feel special.  For the past couple of years instead of giving every mom a small gift they started passing out raffle tickets and giving three bigger prizes for each service....and this year I WON $50!!  I was so surprised!

 We headed to Levelland for lunch with my family and had a great time.  This year my mom invited some couples that their children weren't in town and didn't want them to be alone so they joined us and it was so fun!  These three couples have been so important to my family over the years.  The funny part was Farrah had a captive audience.  She had five different grandmothers full attention and she took full advantage of it...haha!!

I am so blessed to have my Meme still living near by and to have her with us was so special.  Farrah has three great grandparents still living!  We are blessed by all three of them.

After lunch we headed back to Lubbock to have dinner with the Fortner's.  We always have so much fun when James' family gets together.  

I am surrounded by such incredible women and mothers.  So blessed by my mom, sister, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and grandmothers.....I truly have the greatest family!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Braggin on James!!

I'm going to brag on James for this post!  If you haven't seen James in a while you probably wouldn't recognize him.  Last summer I came home from the Czech Rep. and just felt it was time for our family to start eating better.

I felt that we needed to do better for our family, each other and ourselves.  We didn't eat awful but we needed to do much better.  James was having some major body pains.  He went to see a surgeon and was told he needed MAJOR ankle surgery.  James just didn't want this surgery and knew it would be hard on his body and the recovery that would be needed was three to five months off of work.

When I came back from Czech I found this book, Metabolism Miracle.  I started reading about this book and it had a check list to see if you were this type of metabolism or not.  After reading the checklist I discovered that both James and I were both matches.

After eating clean and working hard I am so proud of James.  He was and still is so dedicated to loosing weight and being healthy.  He has lost a total of FORTY FIVE pounds!!  No diet pills or starving himself, just good clean eating!  After six months of eating clean, he also started working out.  He has been doing Crossfit for the last two months and his body is starting to transform like crazy.  He saw one of his coaches from  high school and his coach asked if he was at playing weight and James was so happy to say, yes!

Since loosing forty five pounds, James' body aches and ankle pain have gone away!  He started out in a size 36 pants and an XL shirt and now he wears a size 33 pants and medium shirt. His starting weight was 217 and he now weighs 172!

So proud of you babe!!! You have worked hard and have inspired a lot of people!!

James before.....

James today.....

While we're on the subject I will say that since eating clean I've also lost some weight.....15 pounds!!

Me before....

Me now....

So proud of both of us!