Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nobody Told Me Mommy Would Cry!!

Yesterday started out great!! I had an invite to try a new workout. It started at 6am and I was so excited to go. I haven't worked out since Farrah was born. Farrah had a doctor's appointment later that afternoon for her two month check-up and shots. She is doing great!! She weighs 10.1 pounds and 23.8 inches long!! She is long and skinny. She is in the 30th percentile for her weight and 95th percentile for her height!! She had a great visit and then came the nurse with the shots and it went down hill from there. I was not planning on watching at all. To tell you the truth I would've gone to the lobby if I could have!! The nurse was new and asked me to hold Farrah's arms down so she wouldn't hit any of the needle's!! I did NOT want to do that but had no choice. The first shot went in and Farrah was VERY upset and then the second and third one's were done I could pick her up and console her. But here's the part I was not expecting, I cried!! Nobody told me that I would cry. After I picked up Farrah the nurse is asking me if I was ok because I couldn't even speak. Then my wonderful doctor, since I've known forever, came in and checked on us. She saw me crying and said "It's ok I cried with all of mine too"!! So the more I talked to friends and family about Farrah's appointment yesterday I didn't feel so bad because most of them cried at their babies shots as well.

Later that evening we went over to watch 24 at Heath and Kelsey's house and Farrah had bath time with Madison. Madison was so cute!! She was so exited to have Farrah in her bathtub. She kept saying baby, baby. And of course we took pictures of bath time. Just can't wait til Abby has her baby in the tub with Farrah and Madison!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Months!!!

My baby girl is two months old!!! To tell you the truth I'm not real sure if I'm excited about this. I have enjoyed EVERY minute of Farrah and to think how two months have flown by, I'm going to turn around one day and she will be in school!! I just fall more in love with this little girl more and more every day!!

What Farrah is doing at two months:
1. She is now smiling all the time.
2. She is "talking" and she does her best talking in the morning.
3. She loves her daddy!! He comes in the door and goes straight to her and
says "Hey Precious" and her entire body gets so excited to see her daddy!!
4. She has found her hands but hasn't quite figured out how to control them so she
hits herself in the face a lot.
5. And the best for last!! She is sleeping all the way through the night!! Thank
you Jesus!! We put her down around 9pm and she will wake up around 7am and then
go back down til around 9am!!

We are truly blessed by Farrah and are excited to be called her Mommy and Daddy!!

And we finally finished her room!! It only took me six weeks!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

James and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday, April 25th. So for our anniversary I wanted to surprise James with a picture of just his girls. So happy anniversary honey!! And thank you Missy for taking these amazing photos!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here is your warning...this reading will be about poop!! Sorry but when your home all day I feed, burp and change Farrah. So here is my question...How can a ten pound baby's poop stink so bad?? Oh my word!! When she was first born the poopy diaper's weren't so bad but now it's horrible!! The funny thing is, she's so proud of herself!! I'll change her and tell her how bad it is and she just smiles. I have to beg James to change a poopy diaper and I usually don't win. I have been told that this gets worse. Just wait for the teething diapers!! Oh boy I can't wait for that!!

I'm sure one day when Farrah gets old enough to read this blog about her she will not be happy that her mommy is talking about her poop!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Day!!

Farrah and I had a fun day today!! We finally got to meet her friend Emma. If you remember a couple of months ago I did a blog asking for prayer for Emma. She was born at 26 weeks and her parents Heather and Bret were very scared for her life. Through prayer this wonderful little girl is very healthy and doing great. She is almost three month's!! Farrah and I got to meet her for the first time and she is beautiful!! She is up to 7 pounds now and makes Farrah look like a giant!! I will have the honor of keeping Miss Emma three days a week and what a blessing she will be. I know that as a mother it's hard to find someone that you can trust with your precious little one and Heather trust's me!! Keep Emma in your prayers, she is still on a heart monitor and on four different medications and pray for me that I can keep her without any anxiety. It's a little scary to keep a baby with small health problems but she will be past them in no time!!

Me, Farrah, Heather and Emma

Emma almost 3months and Farrah almost 2months

Then the fun continues!! We met up with our friends Amanda, Averi and Connor for some play time at the park. Farrah missed it all because she slept through the whole thing but oh well we still had fun.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy weekend!

We had one busy weekend! We traveled all weekend. On Friday we went to Lamesa and got to see my meme. This was Farrah's first time to meet her great-grandmother and we were super excited to see her. We barely made it through the front door before meme had her hands on Farrah, I guess she was just as excited to meet Farrah as we were. My biggest prayer through this whole journey was for my grandparents to have a relationship with my children. James and I lost four grandparents the year we were married and I know they are precious to us and I know they won't be around forever. Farrah has met both of her great-grandmother's and hopefully very soon she will get to meet her great-grandpa!! I have always wanted a four generation picture as well and I got one!! My brother and sister both have one and I really wanted one as well. All of our grandparents played a major roll in our lives and what a huge blessing to have our own grandparents be apart of this next generation!! I asked meme how many great-grandchildren she had and thinks its around 14 or more she's lost count!!
On Saturday we were off to Amarillo for my nephew Lucas' birthday. Lance and LaJuana hadn't seen Farrah in a month and I know she has changed and they were excited to get their hands on her!! Again, I barely made it through the door before aunt's and uncle's and grandparents got their hand's on her. We had a great time and I miss seeing my brother and his family.
On Sunday it was Farrah's very first Easter!! At Farrah's 5am feeding I was thinking about Easter and the great sacrifice God had for us and was overwhelmed. Here I am holding my own child and could not possibly think about giving her up to save people who made fun of Him, who mocked Him and really didn't believe in Him. Thank you God for such a precious gift!! Our church service was amazing!! James has to work the Easter service and is not able to enjoy the service. For the last three years James has not seen one Easter service but his has a very important job and is under armed security so we understand!! Farrah slept through the entire service, thank you Jesus!! I have not gotten to sit through one entire service yet with her. After church we headed to Levelland for a full day of family. First my family and then James' family. We had such a great time with family this weekend!! We did the egg hunt and ate to much food, as usual!! Farrah got to see her other great-grandmother, James' grandmother and she pretty much held her the entire time. It was funny because we were outside watching the girls hunt eggs and we had Farrah bundled up and grandma turned to me and said "Let me have that baby we're going inside." I would not tell her no for nothing!! All I said was "Yes Mam"!! I love James' grandmother as my own and I know she loves Farrah and it was a true blessing to see grandma with Farrah!! She still has the touch!!
We had such a busy weekend that today we will spend the day at home to let both of us rest.

Farrah meeting meme for the first time!!

Four generation's!!

Happy Easter

Great-grandma has Farrah relaxed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As you know we had Farrah's pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and I was not able to post them but the amazing Maggie sent these to me so I could post them on my blog. Maggie's website is Imagine Photography and Design. Thanks Maggie for some wonderful pictures of Farrah!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Picture Time!!

We had Farrah's newborn pics done a couple of weeks ago and they are amazing!! I tried to post some of the proofs but they are blocked where I can't post them. Sorry!! There are so many great one's and will be hard to choose.

I'm looking at these beautiful pictures and it just amazes me how God's grace is so amazing. We are truly honored that God chose us to be Farrah's mommy and daddy. We get so many comments on how Farrah looks just like us. God has had His hand on her from the very beginning and we are blessed by this sweet angel.

She has discovered so many things this week. She found Roo. Every time Roo is close enough she just watches her and is amazed by her. Roo is not far from Farrah at all. I think she will be protective of Farrah. Every time Farrah cries she just goes and stands by her. Farrah has found her hands and is pretty funny to watch. She can't quite figure out how to control them though. She often hits her self in face and then she tries to put them in her mouth. She is smiling like crazy. She is so close to laughing...I can't wait to hear that for the first time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bath Time

Farrah LOVES her bath!! I sing a little song before she gets in and she just smiles and kicks her feet. She is way to cute to watch. I think this is one of my favorite part of my day with her. Its just Farrah and mommy. We do a lot of talking and a lot of singing and dancing. I asked James the other night to bath her and I think he's still a little scared to do that which is totally fine. He's afraid he's going to drop her but one day Farrah I promise you your daddy will have bath time with his "precious". This has become James' nickname for Farrah. Every time he comes home or leaves for work or even holds her he calls her precious and she just looks at him and smiles. She knows she already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!! I had to take her to the doctor for a weigh in on Monday and she is getting so big!!! She now weighs 8lbs 12oz!! Wow what five weeks can do. Just to think that she started out at 5lbs 14oz. I can really tell she's gained when I have to carry her in her car seat. I don't think my back and shoulders will EVER be the same. I keep asking James if I can move her car seat by the door and he is not having that. It's safer in the middle but my my back and shoulders can't hardly lift her from the middle any more. I guess it will be time for me to go back to the gym soon and lift some weight so I can get stronger to lift this little "big" girl!!

Here is a picture of bath time.

I going to be honest with you...I had my first breakdown as a new mommy this week. I think I really scared James. I am completely worn out and Farrah had fussed all day and James came home to a crying baby and crying wife. I realized that I am a people person and not a home body and it is VERY hard for me to stay home all day. The only time I was getting out of the house was to go and tan and James could stay with Farrah. And it doesn't help that my own mother knows me to well. When I get so exhausted I usually end up sick and sure enough after talking to mom on Wednesday she told her she could hear how tired I was and needed to get rest or I would be sick and Thursday morning I woke up with a horrible head cold. It kinda freaks me out that after 30 years my mom still knows me that well...I guess I will do this same thing to Farrah one day. I told my mom that I had a break down and she was not surprised at all!! She told me that she was wondering when it was going to happen!! So I decided that I need something to do. I need to be around people!! So if anybody is bored and needs something to do please call me!! Well its bed time here in the Fortner home so goodnight!!