Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here is your warning...this reading will be about poop!! Sorry but when your home all day I feed, burp and change Farrah. So here is my question...How can a ten pound baby's poop stink so bad?? Oh my word!! When she was first born the poopy diaper's weren't so bad but now it's horrible!! The funny thing is, she's so proud of herself!! I'll change her and tell her how bad it is and she just smiles. I have to beg James to change a poopy diaper and I usually don't win. I have been told that this gets worse. Just wait for the teething diapers!! Oh boy I can't wait for that!!

I'm sure one day when Farrah gets old enough to read this blog about her she will not be happy that her mommy is talking about her poop!!

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The Louders said...

Ewwwww...nice! That's the same thing I'm thinkin when I change Brynne. Gosh, and it sometimes just lingers!
You're only just beginning so I hear. :)