Sunday, June 26, 2011

Critter Fest!!

Saturday we took Farrah to Critter Fest at the Science Spectrum and my mom and Reagan and Brincent tagged along. I wasn't really sure how Farrah would do with all the animals but I must say she really surprised me! That girl had a blast!!

We went right when it opened at 10am and I am so glad we did. It wasn't near as hot as it would have been later that afternoon. Farrah started off with a pony ride and watched the elephants and camels. She even got to feed some goats and a small bull.

After that we headed inside and got to see so much more. Farrah petted a HUGE python and thought it was the greatest thing ever until we saw the alligators and crocodiles. She went crazy! She kept saying "mommy their so cute!" Then her little world go really exciting...she actually got to hold a small crocodile! She was all over that thing. I just knew she wouldn't like it and boy was I wrong!

After the crocodiles Farrah got to hold a baby duck, a bunny and she got to touch a really big tortoise. Farrah had such a blast and I know we will be going back next year!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fertility update....

Today James and I had a one on one meeting with our fertility doctor, Dr. Phy. I knew this day was coming but you're never really quite prepared for it. I love Dr. Phy and how she is just so honest with us and will not waste our time or our money.

Through out this entire process Dr. Phy has been amazing! She was always so encouraging and would never give up on us. Today, Dr. Phy said the words I was dreading the most...."I can't help you any longer." Our fertility case is a confusing one and takes more technology then Dr. Phy has available.

I knew going in there that we were headed toward IVF. It was a little overwhelming to hear but I already knew. I would love to write what I'm really feeling but today I am really raw to the news and still have to let it sink it.

I know this is not the end of the world but I know how much fertility treatments cost. The one we need is going to be a massive expense. We found this fertility clinic years ago in the Maryland area and it was funny because this is the clinic that Dr. Phy recommended. We have to go through a lot of testing and have a lot of decisions to make.

Tonight I'm sitting here and I am exhausted: emotionally, physically and spiritually. I know I will get past this but I never in my wildest dreams thought that having a baby of my own would be so hard. My heart breaks for James and Farrah. James is such a wonderful father and Farrah would be such a great big sister. So today, yes I'm hurt but tomorrow is a new day. The most important thing you can let us do is grieve. Just listen to us, we know you can't fix it and neither can we but it sure does help to be real with someone!

Thank you to all our family and friends who have covered us in prayers and encouraged us everyday. We don't know the next step but we know our fight for our children is not over!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer fun!!

I can't believe its already as hot as it is and it's only June! We have been loving all the warmth and going to bed later. I think James and I have sat outside every night just enjoying the summer nights.

We've been busy but not crazy busy, well I haven't been crazy busy, James on the other hand is super busy at work so he comes home and crashes for the night...ha!

We bought Farrah a small swimming pool for the summer, ok it's really for me, but this thing is a nightmare! We live in a brand new subdivision so our backyard faces an open dirt field so you can imagine how much dirt is in the pool. We have cleaned that thing so many times and still wasn't able to get in the pool so we finally gave up and just have a dirty pool. The chemicals are good just dirt in the bottom but like my daddy always says, "Dirt never hurt anyone!"

We had a big milestone at the Fortner household this week, Farrah not longer sits in her highchair for meals. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal but it just makes me realize how fast Farrah is growing up. She loves it! She feels so independent and can climb in and out of her own chair. She is so fun to watch. My favorite part of dinner is the prayer before the meal and she prays for us, just melts this mommy's heart!

James had this digger thing for the church and is of course responsible for it so its at our house for the weekend and he wanted Farrah to ride on it. This girl cracks me up with her adventurous much like her mamma!! I think this kinda freaks out James...ha! For over 18 years James has had to put up with my adventures like cliff diving to jumping off waterfalls and I think Farrah will be just like me. Anyways, back to the digger thingy, Farrah loved the idea of riding on it but when it came to being tied down she didn't like that (again like her mamma, hold me down and you will have a fight on your hands!) She warmed up to it and had fun but it took a minute.

I'm sure James loves me calling this digger thingy a digger thingy.....haha!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urgent prayer please!!!

I have this friend from high school is who was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Christie is the most precious lady you will ever meet and always goes out of her way for others. Christie has two small children, Conner who will be 5 this month and Laney and will be 3 this month.

Here is part of her story....she found out she was pregnant with Laney and then found out she had breast cancer. She battled breast cancer the entire nine months with chemo and when Laney was born she was able to finish with radiation and beat cancer!!

Christie has surgery in the morning so please keep her in your prayers! She is scared for her family as would I be. Please pray!!!!
After finding this out today my fertility problems don't seem so big now....
Please share this blog or this link and lets get the body of Christ fighting on her behalf!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lake fun!!!

Memorial Day weekend we went to the lake with my family and had a blast! I was a little worried about how Farrah would be because it was going to be really hot but she did great!

Friday was a super busy day!! I have a little problem with the word "no" and this day was no different...haha!! Friday morning a very special lady, Tomi had a wonderful little girls tea for some really special girls! It was so fun and sweet of her. Tomi wanted to celebrate summer with the girls so she had donut holes and juice and read them a summer time fun book. The girls all played and then Tomi gave each one a present, a hooded beach towel with their name monogrammed on it. It is adorable!!! I had totally forgot my camera so I'll have to get some pictures from Paige and add later.

After the party Farrah stayed with my mom so she could nap and I went to hang out with the girls at the pool for a little while and then James and I went to help Jay and Amy at Quinn's pool party. Let me just say, having 25 8th graders was a little crazy. It was fun just watching them play and my job was trying to not let them hurt each other....that was a hard job!

After Farrah woke up from her nap we loaded up and headed to the lake! We were so excited to get there and play on the boat. Farrah LOVED her first boat ride! She was so fun to watch. She had the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face. The faster James would go the more she liked it. She kept saying "Mommy this is fun!"

Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn thanks to Reagan, Brincent and Katie! I though surly it was 8am but nope it was 6am!! We had some super excited kids so mom and dad took them fishing off the pier so they could get some energy out of their systems. They came back so we headed to the lake and played on the boat!

Farrah got on the tube with me and she loved it!!! I knew James wouldn't go fast with her so I knew it was safe. I love that Farrah is going to be a lake baby!! Now I just have to talk James into buying a bigger boat so we can all fit in it....haha!!

Saturday was so HOT!!! It got to 107 degrees and we were all feeling it. We had to run the propane on the trailer all day so we could cool off. This was the part I was worried about most with Farrah. I knew she wouldn't be able to handle the heat very well so after the boat ride I brought Farrah in out of the heat. This part was hard for me! I LOVE being on the lake and being in the sun but I knew Farrah's well being was way more important then me. There are still some things I'm learning about being a mom....haha!!

That evening we ran out of propane but we thought it would be fine cause it always get cooler at night right??? Well not this weekend! At 1am I was still awake cause it was so hot!! I got up and inside the trailer it was still 90 degrees! Mom was still awake because she was hot and couldn't sleep either so I walked out to James in his tent and he couldn't sleep cause it was so hot. He at lest had a breeze outside and we didn't even have that. So after we decided that everyone was miserable I went back and was watching Farrah sleep and she was pouring in sweat so I stripped her down trying to get her to cool off.

So around 2am I hear James start his truck and take off! He left his family in the HOT and went home to the A/C!!!! I called him and yes he left but he was going to find more propane to run the A/C...haha!! James moved inside the trailer and Farrah and I moved to the floor right under the A/C vent. It was wonderful!! I had to actually get a blanket!!!!

Sunday we got up early and packed everything up and we were on the road my 10:30am! We were all ready to get out of the heat and just shower..ha! We had a blast and I can't wait to take Farrah back. I will admit that the lake is really hard on the little ones and mommy so I know Farrah will have to be older to truly enjoy the lake/boat.

I love going to weekend getaways with my family!! There is always an adventure when we all get together. We've survived bad sunburns, a capsized boat, being stuck on a roller coaster and so much more!