Sunday, June 26, 2011

Critter Fest!!

Saturday we took Farrah to Critter Fest at the Science Spectrum and my mom and Reagan and Brincent tagged along. I wasn't really sure how Farrah would do with all the animals but I must say she really surprised me! That girl had a blast!!

We went right when it opened at 10am and I am so glad we did. It wasn't near as hot as it would have been later that afternoon. Farrah started off with a pony ride and watched the elephants and camels. She even got to feed some goats and a small bull.

After that we headed inside and got to see so much more. Farrah petted a HUGE python and thought it was the greatest thing ever until we saw the alligators and crocodiles. She went crazy! She kept saying "mommy their so cute!" Then her little world go really exciting...she actually got to hold a small crocodile! She was all over that thing. I just knew she wouldn't like it and boy was I wrong!

After the crocodiles Farrah got to hold a baby duck, a bunny and she got to touch a really big tortoise. Farrah had such a blast and I know we will be going back next year!

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