Monday, July 4, 2011

Mini Vacation!

Last week James was in Austin for a class so Farrah and I flew down on Thursday to join him for the weekend. Farrah had her very first airplane ride and that girl surprised me again...she LOVED it! She was so excited and loved every minute of it!

After James finished up his class we headed to San Antonio for a family weekend. We did some shopping, had dinner with some friends and visited the zoo. The zoo was so fun and so hot! We thought that we would try something on a smaller scale with Farrah instead of doing Sea World and I am so glad we did. Farrah loved the zoo but it was so hot and miserable that we were glad we didn't spend a ton of money and we only lasted a couple of hours.

We love family vacations but at this age with Farrah it's really hard to get to enjoy your vacation. She was tired and hot and didn't want to hold a hand or ride in a stroller so it made for an interesting trip..haha!!

Later that night we headed to the River Walk and talk about totally stressing out! Its a little nerve wracking walking next to the river but add a very active two year old and the stress is way high!

We had a great time but I think James and I both decided that next year we want to head somewhere a little cooler!

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