Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What a great first Halloween! We had so much fun taking Farrah around. We got a ton of comments!

This picture cracks me up. James and I kept getting hit with Farrah's antenna's all night. The funny thing is Farrah kept that headband on all night. Not once did she take them off.

Our first stop was to the carnival at my mom and dad's church.

Then off to go trick or treating with friends.

After trick or treating we headed to see Lula and Papa Jim. That was a good treat as well! Farrah had one full day!! Uncle Jay gave Farrah her first piece of candy....good thing he's a dentist!

Pumpkin Time!!

This morning we took Farrah to her very first pumpkin patch. It is so much fun doing all these "first's" with Farrah. I have wanted to do all these fun family things for so long and now to have a child to make memories with just makes it all the more special.

We have such a busy day and we really wanted to fit this in so we did the pumpkin patch first thing this morning. We took Farrah for her first wagon ride and she LOVED it! She was more interested in the wagon handle than the pumpkins, I guess I know what to get Farrah for her birthday! She just makes me smile. Just to see her discover the world through her eyes it's just priceless! The way she follows anything that moves, that sparkles, that makes noise....I just love it!!

My scarecrow!

First wagon ride.

Checking out this pumpkin...not real sure what to do with it.

We have a busy Saturday. Today James' family had a birthday for his grandmother who just turned 85! What an incredible woman. We got to see a lot of family and then we are off to trick or treat so we will have many more posts to come!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

8 months!!

It's to hard to say!! Farrah Nichole you are eight months old!! Where oh where has the time gone??

What you are up to these days...

You are sitting up like a pro!

You said your first "word" of course it was dada. This made your daddy VERY proud!

You are wearing a size 6 months in clothes.

You are still wearing a size 2 in diapers.

You weigh around 17 pounds.

You "talk" all the time!

You still LOVE your bottle and are not in the least little bit interested in a sippy cup.

You are VERY curious! You want to touch everything and stare at everybody. It's pretty darn cute.

You like to rough house. You crawl all over me and are very active.

You just started to show first signs of crawling. You will get on all fours and start rocking back and forth. It will be very soon!!

Little angel you are just so precious! There is not one day that goes by that you don't make us laugh or smile! We love you and are so proud to be your mommy and daddy!

I am so excited that the season is finally changing!! You have a lot of new fall clothes and you finally get to wear them! I was thinking the other day, it's really sad that you have more clothes then me. Oh well you have a good are so much fun to buy for!!

Here is one of my favorites!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Farrah likes...

Dancing With the Stars!! She doesn't watch a lot of TV but when she does notice the TV it usually has music on it. So the other night I was watching Dancing With the Stars and she caught my eye. She was so quiet! This does not happen very often. She is one little talker so for her to be quiet you know something has caught her attention. This is how I found her.

It's hard to believe that Farrah will be eight months old the end of the week. I will give you an update later for her eight month b-day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Miss Flirt!

Farrah is flirting!! It is the funnest thing to see her do. She starts laughing and then she "winks". Her wink is closing both eyes but you can tell she is winking. She started doing this last week when we met my brother and sister-in-law and nephew. We were having lunch with them and Lucas was playing with Farrah and she started doing this thing with her eyes. We were watching her and just laughing because this was the first time she had done this. Of course Lucas had to preform and Farrah would laugh and then wink. We all got a really good chuckle. Then she did it for James and James of course finds any opportunity to make her "wink". It's pretty sweet to watch them together.

Last week I ordered some baby legs for Farrah and they finally came in. Oh my goodness they are sooo cute!! I ordered a pair for her costume for Halloween and then a pair to just try. I will be buying more of these!!

Farrah is sooo busy right now. She is really keeping me on my toes. I had her sitting on the couch the other day and went to get a drink (gone like 2 seconds) and when I came back she was layed over with her head hanging off the edge just laughing! She is going to be my one that loves adventure. She loves to be "rough"!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Farrah is moving a lot here lately. She is rolling everywhere. This is a good thing but the one bad thing is we don't have any carpet so she had bonked her head on the concrete floor twice. So what to do about that???

Corralling Farrah is the only thing I can think of so...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just Pictures

Enjoying the Tech game.

I LOVE my new dress! Thanks Nana!

We met a wonderful girl in our newly married small group and she is a photographer and is trying to build her business and needed pictures of children and wanted to take pictures of Farrah. Her web site is