Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pool Party!

Last week we had our playgroup and it was a pool party and we had so much fun! Here are just a few pictures of Farrah and some of her friends.

Farrah loved the pool!!

Ms. Maci was the funniest to watch. She really loved being in the water.

Playing in Madison's fun swing set.

Evyn loving the water too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Nights!!

I love summer!! I have dreamt of taking the family and playing at the park and taking long walks and that's just what we did tonight.

We took Farrah to the park tonight and she has so much fun!

Sliding with mommy

Watching the ducks with daddy

Swinging with mommy

I could have swung all night holding Farrah. She doesn't sit very long these days and she just sat so still and just rested her little head on me....a little piece of heaven right there.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a great Father's day weekend! We celebrated last night with my family and today with James' family. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by such wonderful godly men! James, my dad and my father-in-law are all wonderful men of God. And it doesn't stop there...all of our brothers are great fathers as well. It is so much fun to be apart of a wonderful family.

Farrah had a great weekend with her daddy. She is the apple of her daddies eye and I love it!!

James teaches Farrah so many things...
like how to dig paper out of the VCR/DVD player that she put in.

like drinking out of a straw in a big girl cup.

How to eat speghetti all by yourself.

How to drive a car one day

And how to play in the rain.

James we love you so much and are so glad to call you ours!!! You are a wonderful daddy and I love watching you be the father that I knew you wanted to be.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Working again

What a day! For the last two weeks I have been helping at my brother-in-laws dental office. I haven't done this job in 15 months and I was a little nervous. Didn't know if I would remember all the tricks and scheduling and patients but it came back so if I never left. Before this time I was kinda starting to miss the outside world of work but after the last two weeks I really realized I LOVE being home with Farrah. At work I find myself wondering what Farrah is up to and that its nap time and did she have her snack?? I hate leaving her and when I do she just gets so upset. Every time the doorbell rings and its Allison, Farrah takes one look at her and starts crying. The crying doesn't last for long and Farrah plays with Allison all day...I have the greatest babysitter! This makes a mommy feel great!! But man when I come home Farrah is so happy to see me and she is on my hip pretty much the rest of the evening.

It's been good for me these last few weeks. I am really learning a lot about myself as a mother, wife and friend. It's been really hard but I always walk away and learn something. I have a whole new respect for working mothers. When I get home I am so tired and I still have to cook, clean, give Farrah a bath and then it's time for bed. My evenings really fly by. I for sure know now that I am called to stay home in this season of my life. I do miss working but I miss my little girl even more.

As a wife...I really appreciate James for working so hard for us. I don't tell you enough. Thank you for letting me live my dream of staying at home. Thank you for coming home and listening to me, it's pretty much the only adult conversation I've had all day and I talk your ear off.

As a friend...I have really struggled with this. I feel like I have lost touch with my closest friends and I hate it. I feel left out and then I realized that this is an attack and I am failing at this battle. I have also realized that I haven't check on a friend that has been on my heart for weeks and found out today that she had to leave her husband and go back home and I may never see her again. Yes, I will talk to her but I never called to check on her and she is going through the roughest time of her life and I wasn't there to encourage her or love on her.

Sorry...this is not what I intended this post to be about. But it's real and it's whats on my heart. Do me a favor....that friend you have been thinking about lately, give them a call. It's for a good reason. Don't miss out on an opportunity to shine some love on them.