Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Nights!!

I love summer!! I have dreamt of taking the family and playing at the park and taking long walks and that's just what we did tonight.

We took Farrah to the park tonight and she has so much fun!

Sliding with mommy

Watching the ducks with daddy

Swinging with mommy

I could have swung all night holding Farrah. She doesn't sit very long these days and she just sat so still and just rested her little head on me....a little piece of heaven right there.


Unknown said...

How precious. Mother and child.

mandal said...

I love these pictures!!! And I want to see your new house :)

Mike and Emily said...

That swinging with mommy picture is just priceless! So sweet! Thanks again for your support through our loss. Hope your summer is great!