Saturday, May 31, 2014

Water day at KDO!!!

After Farrah's graduation, her KDO had a fun last day of school by having a water day.  For the last three years they have done this and Farrah loves this water day very much!  I love watching Farrah play with her friends....they act so big.

Such a fun way to end a great year!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preschool Graduation!

I can't believe Farrah is officially going to Kindergarten!  For the last three years she has attended KDO at our church and she loves it!  Farrah has had some wonderful teachers there and has learned so much.  She has also made such good friends.

Farrah had her little graduation on Wednesday and it was so cute! Over the past nine months of school Farrah has learned a memory verse for every letter....that makes 32 memory verses!  I am so proud of her!  My favorite verse she says is the E verse.  It says "Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17.  When Farrah says this verse she always ends it with Daddy 1:17.  I asked her why she won't say James and she told me, "I'm not suppose to call daddy by his name."

At Farrah's graduation her teacher, Ms. Margaret, asked every one to recite a verse and Mrs. Kelsey talked about each child and told us their favorite thing about KDO and what she wanted to do when they grew up.  Farrah nailed her verse and Mrs. Kesley read to us that Farrah's favorite thing about KDO was reading and she wants to wash cars when she grows up.....haha!!

Front row: Tyler, Natalia and Kaleb.  Middle row: Hope, Zander and Myer.  Back row: Farrah, Jack and Molly Kate.  Teachers Miss Heather and Ms. Margaret

Farrah love her friends from KDO and we are so thankful for them!

Farrah and Jack

Farrah and Natalia

Molly Kate and Farrah

We are so proud of Farrah and all that she's learned this year.  I can't believe our baby is going to Kindergarten!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Soccer 2014

Today Farrah finished her last soccer game for the Spring season.  I'm always surprised by Farrah and her athletic ability.  It amazes me that she has such a competitive drive like James and me. 

This was Farrah's third year to play with these same girls and I'm so thankful for this group of girls and Coach Chad.  For the past three years they have all learned so much and grown so much. I don't think there's a day that goes by that Farrah's not playing soccer.  

My favorite thing that Farrah does is play soccer in the house.  Ok, maybe not the soccer inside the house part but what she says while playing is pretty funny.  All I hear is "Keep it close!" "Good kick!"  "Set it up and push it!" "Good Good!"  "Dribble to the goal!"  "Shoot!"  She plays like she's Coach Chad and it makes me laugh.  

Like I said, Farrah had a great season but I can tell that all the teams are growing up and getting better.  This is the first year since Farrah has played that her team lost a game.  I read a blog recently that put Farrah's sport in perspective.  This blog talked about all the parents screaming and yelling at their kids, and yes I'm guilty of this.  This blog went on to explain the most important thing is that your child should have fun.  First and foremost I want Farrah to have fun.  After every game I tell her that she did great.  Then I ask her a question.  I ask her "Do you know what my favorite part of your game was?"  She asks what and I say "My favorite part is watching you play soccer and having fun!"  She gets a big smile on her face and tells me all about her game.  

Farrah scored 20 goals this season!

I LOVE this picture of Farrah!  It is pure joy on her face!

Such a great little team....Dynamos!  Coach Chad, Caitlyn, Tatum, London, Paisley, Farrah, Harper and Hannah.