Monday, August 25, 2014

1st day of Kindergarten!!

I CAN NOT believe my baby is in kindergarten!!  How in the world did this happen?!?!  Farrah has been excited about starting school.

This year has been a change for our family.  I actually started back to work working at LISD working with Special Ed.  Today was actually fun getting to watch Farrah walk into school and then being able to see her throughout the day.  It made it easier for me to see her having so much fun.

My big kindergartner!

Mom and Farrah's first day of school.

I worked in Farrah's class today and today she was the classroom leader.  Her job was to lead the line to outside, around the school, lunch and anything else Ms. Brown needed her to do.  Here, she helped Ms. Brown teach the kids in her class the rules of their classroom.  Such a fun day for Farrah!

I however learned a great lesson today!  DO NOT wear high heels to school even if they are wedges and seem to be comfortable because you will quickly realize they are not so comfy!  Thank goodness I had my gym bag with my tennis shoes in it and at lunch was now sporting my tennis shoes for the rest of the day!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ruidoso.....Caroland Family style!

This weekend my whole family went to Ruidoso for one last getaway before school starts.  We love Ruidoso and I would seriously move there tomorrow!  When my whole family gets away we always have so much fun together.  We spend all weekend laughing and eating way to much food.

We spent our first day hiking and playing in the freezing cold river.

For some reason I didn't pack tennis shoes and so I got to go hiking in my flip flops...I DON'T recommend this!

This girl was fearless going up and down the mountain!


One of Farrah's favorite things to do is panning for stones.  She loves seeing what kind of different stones and arrow heads she gets.

We have two favorite places we stay at when we're in Ruidoso.  It's either Inns Brook or the Inn of the Mountain God's.  This time we stayed at Inns Brook and it's just fun having my entire family in one big house!

So incredibly blessed by these two!  

Of course we had to make a stop at the Inn of the Mountain God's!

Just as we were about to head home we decided to have one more round of fun.....putt putt golf!  

Such a fun getaway before school starts and the craziness begins!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Last Week of Summer!!

We had a great last week of summer!!  I really wanted to cram in as much as possible and just wanted to enjoy Farrah.  I can't believe she is starting school and I know she is going to get really busy once school starts and I enjoyed every minute of just being with her.

Farrah started off her week with camping with Lula and Poppa in Ruidoso!  Farrah has looked forward to this camping trip all summer and she had a BLAST!!

Farrah has been asking to make cupcakes so we made her favorite....Red Velvet.  We actually had so many cupcakes that we went to our neighbors and shared our cupcakes.

Farrah LOVES blueberry muffins so of course we had to make those too!

I let Farrah invite a friend to go with us to Lubbock Water Rampage.  She and Joey had so much fun!

A couple of nights a week, James does bedtime with Farrah.  This is seriously one of my favorite evenings!  I happened to walk in on James reading Farrah a book and found them like this.  I think Farrah likes the nights dad does bedtime also!

We spent A LOT of evenings outside playing.

One of my favorite things this summer was that I introduced Farrah to the Sound of Music!  This makes me so happy!  She will sit and watch the whole movie with me.

I think this summer has been one of my favorites!  It has seriously been so relaxing and I'm so thankful for the slow pace we had.

Ladies Football Camp!

This was the second year a group of friends and I attended the Kingsbury Football Clinic.  I can not even describe how much fun we have at this clinic!  It's a night of laughing and just plain fun!  There are about 300 ladies who attend this camp and it sells out fast!

We start with dinner and some football 101.  The coaches talked about offensive plays, defensive plays and special teams.  To tell you the truth I don't think the ladies were really all that into the football 101 we just wanted to start the tour and get on the field and run drills.  This is seriously the best part of the camp!

We toured the facility that held the locker room, training room, weight room and the film room.  We started out in the film room with Q&A.  This was just random questions asked to some of the football players.  Questions like "What is your major?" to "How much food do you eat?"  It was funny some of the questions that were asked.

After that we headed to the weight room.  This is one of my favorite stations.  They break us up into groups and do some fun workout stations.  One station we were doing push-ups another station we were doing air squats.  This part was so funny!  They had 80's rock music playing and all the ladies are singing and dancing and the coaches are just watching us and shaking their heads.  One of the coaches told us that they only play the 80's music station once a year and its for the ladies camp...haha!!

After the weight room we headed to the locker room and they showed us the uniforms for the season.  They were pretty sweet!  Last year they had a mannequin with one of the uniforms on it so this year when we walked in the same mannequin was standing there with all the gear on and it looked so sharp!  We were standing there waiting for all the ladies to get inside the locker room when all of a sudden that mannequin moved and sent a couple of ladies running and was hilarious!!

After that we headed to the training room and then finally to the stadium.  I can't even describe the feeling I had walking down the tunnel and seeing the stadium from that angle.  It was HUGE!  The coaches had us line up and do some warm up drills and then it was time for the fun part...the drills.  We did passing drills, tackling drills, throwing drills and some defensive drills.  The best part was we were all making fools of ourselves and no one cared!

Kyla against the of the funniest parts of the night!

The mannequin who wasn't a mannequin.

Doing some warm up drills.

Had a BLAST with these ladies!!

Quarter back, Davis Webb after the throwing drills!

Running back, Kenny Williams came and posed with us on the double T!!

On Saturday morning, Chanda, Michaela and I were asked to do an interview about the football clinic.  We were on Sports Talk Radio, the Thetford and Ashby show.  We did this last year and it was so much fun!  

Can't WAIT til next year!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer 2014

I've taken a small break from blogging to enjoy my summer with Farrah before she starts kindergarten.  We've had a great and very relaxing summer and I'm so thankful for that!  Ever since Farrah was born I really felt that as a family we needed to slow down and just enjoy her.  Everyone always tells you that your child's childhood goes by so fast and it truly does!

We started off our summer watching our niece, Quinn play softball in the playoffs.  Her and her team, the Coronado Mustangs made it all the way to state!  What a great experience for Quinn and we are so proud of her and the Mustangs!

The one thing I have truly enjoyed this summer is our walks and being outside every night.  We have found all kinds of critters and have had some wonderful conversations.  I never know what is going to come out of Farrah's mouth.  It could be anything from silly to very serious.


We've done lots of sidewalk chalk art!

James has been teaching Farrah how to shoot a bow and arrow...she LOVES it!

It has taken us three months to get these ducks close enough to feed.

Oh this girl.....she has my whole heart!

We've had some really great times at some of the local parks.

She has so much fun playing basketball....I think it might be time to get a real basketball goal!

Farrah and James were both really excited when Cabela's opened!  I don't know who was more excited James or Farrah.

Farrah LOVES styling James' hair.  It makes me smile because my sister and me did the same thing to our dad.

This summer Farrah went to two different soccer camps.  The first one was at Texas Tech.  Farrah liked this one very much.  At the camp they began with soccer drills and finished up with tournament games,  On the last day of the camp, Farrah's little team made the finals and played in the championship and actually won the final game!

The second camp was a British soccer camp.  This camp was so fun to watch.  Their coach played all kinds of games with them.  Farrah didn't feel like she was doing soccer drill just felt like she was playing.  He had them doing games that taught ball control, how to steal the ball and all kinds of other things.  Her coach always picked on Farrah.  She was the only girl with about ten boys and she held her own with those boys.

We also had some great cousin time!

Caroland cousin's

Fortner cousin's
This picture cracks me up!  We were headed to Joyland for Corey's birthday and I had these four girls with me and on the way they all sang Frozen song's....the ages were 20-5 years old.  I love our families!

Farrah took swimming lessons at Texas Tech.  She has been taking lessons there since she was 18 months old.  This year she was in level one.  Her instructors were great with her!  Farrah is very adventurous when it comes to swimming.  At the end of the sessions she was learning to dive off the side of the pool and diving to the bottom of the pool.  She LOVED it!

We took a little vacation to Dallas and took Farrah to her first Ranger's baseball game.  I'm not sure she watched one full inning.  We left in the fifth inning. one because Farrah was done and second was the Rangers were getting killed.  

This is the us on the way back from Dallas.  We didn't have Farrah's DVD player and she was going stir crazy!  This picture cracks me up!  Farrah was wild and crazy and James was ready for the day to be over with...haha!!

We have also enjoyed some much needed rain!  I don't think Farrah has ever really played in the rain so any chance we've had to play in the rain when its safe we do.  I think the puddles were the best part!

Such a GREAT summer!

Even our friend Justin came for a visit.  It wasn't long enough but glad we got to see him!

James and Farrah had a great time at the Father/Daughter dance at our church.  Farrah talked about this "date" for days.  I think she had a great time with her daddy!

Last year some of my friends went to the Kingsbury Women's Football Clinic at Texas Tech and had a blast!  This year was no different.  I have never laughed so hard and my stomach hurt from all the laughing!  All these girls are so much fun to be with!

The Saturday after the clinic, Chanda, Michaela and I were asked to come to Sports Talk Radio to do an interview about the clinic.  It's always fun with these girls!

This pretty much sums up our summer.  Lots of sass and swimming!

I can't believe summer is almost over and school is about to start.  Reality hit when I ordered Farrah's backpack for school....

It's been a wonderful five years at home while by baby grew up.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be at home.  I have mixed emotions with Farrah starting school.  I'm excited for her to start school....I know she is going to love school but at the same time it makes me sad that I won't see her all day every day.  

I'm off to enjoy our last week of summer before school starts and squeeze every moment I can with my favorite little girl!