Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 18th-March 24th

Monday, March 18th
Quinn had a softball game and hit her 6th out of the park home run this season!!

Tuesday, March 19th
Dad came to food therapy with Farrah.  James had to learn the words to use for Farrah and her eating.

Wednesday, March 20th
It was a wonderful Spring day in Lubbock....blowing dirt with 40 mph wind gusts.

Thursday, March 21st
Maci came to play with Farrah and these two girls wore themselves out!

Friday, March 22nd
I left for the gym and when I got back Farrah had crawled in bed.  Farrah also has a love for hangers and she found these and were playing with them and fell back asleep with them....oh this girl!

Saturday, March 23rd
I have two pictures for this day.
I went to the Color Run on Saturday and had so much fun!!

Then right after that, Farrah had her first soccer game!

Sunday, March 24th
Lunch with my two favorite people!

This coming week is going to be crazy busy but so much fun.....getting ready for Easter!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 11th- March 17th

I'm really enjoying  this picture a day challenge!

Monday, March 11th
Spring Break!  We spent the week in Ruidoso, NM and had a blast!  Farrah was tall enough to go snow tubing with us this year and of course she LOVED it.....just like her momma!

Tuesday, March 12th
We had a busy day playing and came back to the cabin for the night.  Reagan came and sat with me and this girl means so much to me....she's named after me.  I can't believe that she's going to be 13 this summer!

Wednesday, March 13th
Another fun day of playing.  Farrah was my riding partner in go-carts.  This girl loves adventure...again, just like her momma!

Thursday, March 14th
My bible study group started a new study called, Seven.  This study will change you and make you realize how much you have.  I highly recommend it if your looking for a challenge.

Friday, March 15th
Date Night!!  James and I splurged and ate dessert at BJ's.  OH.MY.WORD!!!!  We shared the Red Velvet Pazooki and it was the best dessert I have ever had!!

Saturday, March 16th
Farrah has been wanting to ride a camel for awhile now.  On Saturday, there was a little group raising money and so Farrah got to ride a camel.

Sunday, March 17th
James bought me tickets to Bon Jovi and it was such a great concert!!

Such a fun week with family!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 4th-March 10th

Monday, March 4th
Monday we celebrated our friend, Heath's birthday.  We are so blessed with such good friends!

Tuesday, March 5th
We met James for lunch and Farrah had gotten a prize for doing good at food therapy.  She was showing James her Ring Pop.  My favorite part is watching Farrah light up when it comes to her daddy!

Wednesday, March 6th
I didn't get a picture this day.  It was last day of KDO before Spring Break so it was a little crazy...

Thursday, March 7th
Today was Farrah's very first soccer practice!  Oh my goodness it was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!!

Friday, March 8th
James and Farrah doing their favorite trick.

Saturday, March 9th
At the CrossFit gym I workout at had a competition for the CrossFit games.  This was round one of five so the next four weeks are going to be fun to watch!!

Sunday, March 10th
We headed to Ruidoso, NM for Spring Break.  If you know me at all, you know I don't like all!  Farrah was napping and propped her foot up on my seat right next to my face and of course James thought it was so funny!  But after looking at her foot I wanted to remember her tiny foot and her little toes.

We had a wonderful Spring Break in the mountains and I'll post that soon!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February 25th-March 3rd

Another fun and crazy week at the Fortner household...

February 25th
Happy Birthday Farrah!!  How did my sweet baby get so big....your 4!!!

February 26th
Snow day!!  It snowed Sunday night and all Monday.  It was fun to watch Farrah play in the snow!

February 27th
We finally made it to Chick-fil-a for Farrah's birthday dinner.  After having the "Blizzard of 2013" we were able to get around Lubbock.

February 28th
Thursdays are some of my favorite days at home.  Farrah loves "feeding" Roo.

March 1st
Friday night we celebrated my friend, Andrea's birthday.

March 2nd
I had the honor of loving on this precious beauty...Harper!

March 3rd
It was so pretty on Sunday so it was a perfect day for blowing bubbles.

Friday, March 1, 2013

February 18th-February 24th

This has been a crazy fun week!  This week was Farrah's birthday party week!

Monday, February 18th

I don't know about other mom's but I just love watching my child.  I'm always wondering what she is thinking and processing things.  On this day she saw a special needs kid and was very interested in her.  At food therapy we see quite a bit of special needs children and Farrah is so fast to jump up and help them....LOVE this about her!

Tuesday, February 19th
Farrah's getting to the age where she wants to help me clean house and I'm very thankful for her willing heart!  She loves dusting so that's her job....haha!

Wednesday, February 20th
Today was a special day!  My friend, Kelsey, had her baby!  They went the whole time without knowing the gender and we were all surprised it was a GIRL!!  Harper Jo Watts is one beautiful and precious girl!

Thursday, February 21st
I can tell Farrah is really grown up these days.  She is entertaining her self so much these days.

Friday, February 22nd
James has been working a lot here lately with church stuff and CHL stuff.  Farrah loves to rough house and I can only handle so much of this....James on the other hand LOVES to rough house!  I walked in and saw Farrah balancing on James' leg trying to touch the ceiling.  Some things a mom just doesn't need to see...haha!

Saturday, February 23rd
Today is Farrah's birthday party!!  Farrah and her friends had so much at her party!  Here is Jack and Farrah taking a magic carpet ride...haha!

Sunday, February 24th

I guess I forgot to take a picture on Sunday so I'll share another one this week.  I had a first for me this week....I tried sushi for the first time ever and I must say I'm not real sure what to think.  I think I need to try it again to see if it's a yes or no....