Monday, June 29, 2009

First time for...

Cereal!!! Farrah had her four month doctor's appointment today. She is getting so big. She weighs 12.8 pounds and 24.4 inches long. She is in the 25th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height. She is still on the road to being a tall girl! She had shots again today and has slept all afternoon, poor baby.

Farrah had her first taste of cereal tonight and it was pretty funny. Our doctor just wants it mixed with her formula so there is not any good sweet taste with it but she did pretty good.

Getting "real" food ready!

Farrah's first bite of cereal...yum good stuff!

Well I got three spoon fulls down her...well I say three but after she would spit it out and put it back in I don't really know how much she ate.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Four Months!!

Again, time is going by way to fast. It's hard to believe that Farrah is four months old!! She is such a joy and we fall more in love with her everyday. I had no idea you could love your children so much.

What Farrah is up to...

I know she is around 12 pounds but I don't know her official weight and height til this Monday.

She is in a size one diaper still!!

She is wearing 0-3 months...again still!!

She is rolling from tummy to back.

She is loving her feet. She is a big fan of sucking her big toe!

She has found how to take her bows off and she is VERY proud of herself when she finally gets it off.

She has found her voice!! It is the funniest thing ever. She sits there and squeals at the top of her voice and then stops and looks around to see what kind of reaction she gets. I am trying to get in on video but of course every time I try she is totally silent. I will get this and post it for you to hear.

She is noticing when mommy leaves the room. (I secretly love this!)

She is starting to giggle a lot more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Father's Day

What a wonderful first Father's Day. My goal for James' gift was to find something that him and Farrah could do together. So I went to his favorite sport's store, Academy and bought him all of his favorite outdoor activities. Just in a smaller size for Farrah. So he got a Texas Tech basketball, a pink bat and ball, a pink and black baseball glove, a purple and yellow football, a pink and white soccer ball, a pink Barbie fishing pole and a pink "pop" gun. Yes, I bought my daughter a toy gun. When James opened this he looked a little confused, but he quickly figured what this was all about. These are all activities he loves to do and will love teaching Farrah one day as well. The only thing I couldn't find was a small bow and arrow and a small kiddy golf set. But I promise those will be added to the collection.

James you are one amazing husband and we both prayed for the day we would be parents. It blesses my heart to finally see you as a father and a wonderful one I might add. I love seeing you hold our daughter and praying over her. I love listening to the monitor of you talking to her and telling her what a blessing she is to both of us. I love that you kiss her first when you leave and then me. You are so in love with this precious little girl and she is sooooooo in love with you. Happy Father's Day!!!

James and I were both blessed with wonderful fathers. To my dad, I always loved being your little girl. Even when I have my own children I'm still your little girl and will always be. Thank you for all the encouraging words through my life and being a true example of what a father and husband should really should be.

And to my Father-in-law, Jim. You raised not only one incredible son but four, but I'm only going to talk about one. Thank you for being an incredible father to James. I know he talks a lot about you when he was younger and how tender hearted you are. Not all sons have good memories about their father's but James has wonderful memories about you.

We love you dads both so much and are honored to call you father!!

James had just met Farrah!

James' first Father's Day!

Dandy talking to Farrah

Papa Jim and Farrah

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Whew what a week! We kept our nieces Quinn, Kate and Cori for the week while their parents are out of town. We had so much fun with these girls and I now know that if I ever have four kids I can totally handle it. I cooked, cleaned, played, bathe and put all kids to bed. We had three softball games during the week. One day Kate had practice from 5-6pm and Quinn had a game at 6:30pm. Quinn had to be at her game at 6pm and of course the ballgame and practice were 20 minutes apart. I drop off Quinn and run to the other side of town to get Kate and then run home and pick up James, Cori and Farrah and then run back to Quinn's game. Whew...I was tired!! We had a great time and enjoyed our time with these amazing little ladies.

Farrah had fun in the sun. We put her in the pool for the first time and she loved it. She was just hanging in her floaty. She had a TON of attention from the girls. She had a first this week...she is rolling from her tummy to back! And she is so cute to watch. She is so proud of herself and she just smiles from ear to ear. She did really great this week being off of her schedule.

Enjoying the pool with mommy!

Kicking back in my floaty

Bath time with Kate, Cori and Farrah

I love this picture of James and Farrah. James was cooking steaks on the grill and holding Farrah and just talking to her and hanging out. I love seeing James as a dad. He is so proud of her.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Sleeping Sweet Baby

Farrah is spoiling me!! I put her down around 8:30pm and she sleeps all night. This morning she woke up around 9am and took a bottle and then went down again and woke up around 10:30am. I love this sleeping baby!!! I put her down for a nap this afternoon and she loves to sleep with blankets. She started a new sleeping habit though that really scares me. When she is awake or sleep she loves her blanket and it is usually in her face. I went to check on her during her nap and this is what I found.

And yes I moved the blanket off her face! Her personality is really coming through. She is such a joy!

Monday, June 1, 2009