Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Party!!

Today we had Farrah's 2nd birthday party and we had a blast. I must say Farrah is one blessed little girl to have so many family and friends come and celebrate her and we thank you for coming today. It is so hard to believe that Farrah is already two years old...these last two years have truly flown by.

I decided to have a Minnie Mouse theme party and Farrah loved it! She was so fun to watch. She loved every detail about her party and noticed everything and everyone. I had her cake as Minnie Mouse and it was adorable and so yummy!

Here are some pictures of the party!

The birthday girl!

Singing Happy Birthday

Welcome to black icing...haha!!

Thank you all so much for loving Farrah today and through the years! We are truly blessed and are so honored to have you all in our lives!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Farrah is 2!!

Happy Birthday Farrah!! We love you so much and February 25th will be the day that our lives changed forever. We are so proud of you and love you more then you will ever know!

Thanks Paige Allen for capturing my sweet girl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First and hopefully the last....

Tonight I had the honor of taking my first fertility shot!! I have one more shot to go for this round and I really hope this is the last. I won't lie, it was kinda scary! It took some time to talk myself into doing this to my own body but I did it!

James is working tonight so I found myself thinking how in the world am I going to do this all by myself. It's a little weird thinking I'm about to shove a needle in my stomach. Thankfully I kept Kelsey's girls tonight so when she came to pick them up I begged her to stay for moral thankful for you Kelsey!! I couldn't have done it without you!

For the last week I have been taking a fertility drug that will make me super ovulate and I go Thursday for another sonogram to see if we are ready for the IUI. Before the IUI I have to take another shot but I don't think it will be as bad just because I got the first one over with. The only discomfort I'm feeling is I feel like my right side is about to explode...haha!! I'm excited to see what this next couple of weeks holds for us.

Thanks for all your support and prayers.....please keep them coming! I do have one prayer request that is affecting me. With all the fertility drugs I am taking I am having some MAJOR headaches and they last all day. By my doctor's request I can't take anything but Tylenol and it just isn't doing anything for me. Just pray that these headaches go away and fast. We truly feel that our family is being lifted up and that is what keeps us going!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Reunion

This weekend we had a family reunion with my family and we had a blast! We went to Ruidoso, NM which is one of my families favorite place to go. We always love getting together and all the cousins just play and play and play!

A picture of the whole gang minus Lance and Katie....we missed you guys!!

We arrived Friday and started playing right away. We stay at the Innsbrook Country Club and there is a small golf course and our condo was on the green that was perfect for us. Since it was a little chilly there weren't many golfers so we all played outside. My dad even got a little fishing in until the grandkids figured out where he was and then he got their fishing poles set up. We fed the ducks and got attacked by geese. I will post about that later with the video. I laughed so hard at Reagan and Annika.

On Saturday we took the kids to the tubing park and they had a blast. There was even a little park for Farrah to go tubing and she LOVED it! It was the perfect size for her and I don't think her smile could have gotten any bigger! We were there for three hours so after about an hour Farrah was done so the girls went into town and went shopping and we left the guys with the big kids so they could get their three hours of tubing in.

That evening we stayed in and had a little birthday party for Farrah since my brother's family won't be able to come to Farrah's party. I made a cake and had a candle and Farrah was so excited but we had a little problem....we could not find a lighter to save our life! We tried everything. James tried lighting a toothpick off the grill and it worked but the the wind kept blowing the candle out. So then we tried to light a paper towel off the stove and couldn't get to light although it did make some great smoke and a wonderful burn smell. So then James tried the toothpicks again but this time instead of one toothpick he lit five and we finally had a burn enough to light Farrah's candle. We sang happy birthday and she was so funny to watch. She got the biggest smile and started to clap and then she got embarrassed but she understood what was going on. When it was time to blow the candle out she tried so hard and actually blew but just not hard enough so mommy helped a little. Lance and LaJuana and Lucas and Annika got Farrah a Barbie trike. She was so excited! Thanks Uncle Lance and Aunt LaJuana!

After dinner we played games with all the kids. The first night we played Pictureka and one night we played Apples to Apples. We really want our children to have a love of family games and we all had a blast. Farrah even joined in and played. Each night after the kids went to bed the adults all played a game together. One night we played poker and the other night we played pig (Pig is like spoons only quieter). I haven't laughed that hard in so long. James hates playing pig but he was such a good sport. He says he can't do that many things at once....looking for you cards, passing cards and trying to look for the "pig." I love it!!

We had so much fun this weekend and it was so much fun. We all loved loving on everyone's kids and playing with them. We were sad to leave each other but we all know we will do this again for sure!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tea Party!

The last couple of weeks its been really cold outside so we've spent a lot of time indoors. Keeping an almost two year old entertained can be interesting on its own so I've had to be creatitive the last couple of weeks.

We done everything from dancing to cooking and its been so much fun! Farrah has discovered her "tea set" and we have had LOTS of "tea." I love watching her pretend and using her imagination. As a little girl myself one of my favorite things was to have tea parties. My Meme had a wonderful glass tea set and Shawna and I would play with that for hours. We would "sip" our tea with our pinky in the air and have some great conversations about life (life of a five and four year old..ha!)

When Farrah got her first tea set I was so excited and couldn't wait to have a tea party with my girl. I even taught her to hold her pinky out!!! I love just watching her! I taught her how to "sip" her tea and how to place her tea cup on the saucer and how to make the pouring sound when she poors me more tea. Can I just say I LOVE having a daughter!! It didn't take long for dad to join in on the action...James is such a good daddy! He "sipped" his tea with his pinky up and we just had so much fun.

Having Farrah later in my life then I expected just makes me realize and enjoy her so much more. She is such a wonderful girl and it just makes my heart smile when she brings me her tea set and says..."Mommy tea??" How can you turn that down? I'm really enjoy this age with Farrah. She is so much fun and seeing her learn new things everyday and just seeing her heart makes me just fall that more in love with her. She loves life to the fulliest and I love learning from Farrah....I learn something new about myself everyday through Farrah.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow/Sick Day...

The last three days have been quite interesting! Farrah started getting sick on Monday and Tuesday she was full out sick and today we are doing much better. It's always hard when your baby is sick. Not knowing what is really wrong and her not being able to tell me is so hard!

Farrah has had a horrible cough with fever, a running nose and sore throat, so sore that she has started loosing her voice. She has not been eating or drinking so I'm having to be innovative on how to get Farrah to drink. I'm so thankful that Farrah is a healthy girl but it is scary when your baby can't tell you what's wrong.

For the last two days we have had some CRAZY weather! We've had a little bit of snow but the worst part is the wind and cold. The Hugh's have been like 10 but with the wind chill it gets as cold as -15 at times. The weather man said today that we've not seen these lows since the 1980's. We woke up this morning and our pipes are frozen in my kitchen so that's made it even more interesting. Ha! Needless to say with Farrah being sick and as cold as it has been we've not gotten out of the house since Wednesday and I think Farrah and I are going stir crazy...ha! She and I are not home bodies in the least. I told James that we may have to go on a drive to get a hot chocolate just to get out of the house!

Yesterday Farrah kept going to the window looking at the snow and asking "What's that momma?" So I let her go outside for like two seconds and touch the snow and she loved it! It was very hard to get her to come back inside.

Yes Farrah is still in her pj's with a coat and hat on.

So it has been an interesting couple of days! I'm so ready for Farrah to be well again and for a little heat outside! Stay warm!!