Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Official!!!!

What a big day!! We had Farrah's adoption hearing this morning and what an exciting time. I had no clue what to expect but it was very cool. Farrah got a little fussy during the process...and all I could think about was if I could just stand and bounce her she will go to sleep but then I didn't if I could do that or not so I didn't. And then the judge looks us at us and tells Farrah "I'm hurrying". Whoops!! Sorry for the fussy baby, but in Farrah's defense this was still her sleepy time. I had to wake her up to get to the courthouse by 8:30am. So it is now official!! To say this feels so weird...from day one it was official to me so to sit there and be told that you don't have to worry anymore. I never worried about Farrah's birth parents coming back. It sounds weird but it's God's grace!! I asked James what he felt today and he feels the same as I do. It was emotional though. I can't remember what all our lawyer asked but I remember her asking me if I though of Farrah as my own...and absolutely!!

Every time I try to find words to express our hearts about Farrah and I still can't find the words! We are truly blessed and so loved from all of our friends and family!!

Judge Judy Parker. It was really cool to have her as our judge. Her Daughter plays on our niece Quinn's softball team. So she knew our family and had some really great words for us.

Our family coming to celebrate with us. This is not even close to half our family. We had two rows full with just our family and friends. There are only six rows in the courtroom!!

Two of my favorite ladies!!

After it was all over they took us down to sign all the paper work and they gave Farrah a teddy bear to remember this day. I know that we will NEVER forget this day!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farrah's Green Apple Room

As many of you know Farrah was born and we did not have a heads up or even know about her birth mother. You usually get nine months to prepare a room and we had no time!! So Farrah was four weeks before we finally finished her room and I love it!! The color was a little brighter then we expected but the closest way to describe the color is Granny Smith Green Apple.

Farrah's room
James bought this crib five years ago when we were going through all of our fertility treatments. I found this "sticker" above Farrah's bed and it is so true!

Not done with this wall yet!! Still a work in progress.

Do you think Farrah has enough bows??

Monday, May 25, 2009

A fun weekend in Ruidoso

We had a great time in Ruidoso! We left early Friday morning, during Farrah's nap time, and she did great. We only stopped two times! She is still very easy to travel with, thank goodness! On Friday we just hung out. It rained pretty much all day and was wonderful. That afternoon James and dad got to do some fishing and Farrah took a really good nap. I think the cool mountain air and rain really helped her! The girls went shopping and the boys stayed behind to fish some more. I thought it would be great because we had a stroller and could do anything. Ruidoso is not very stroller friendly, but we managed. We had a great time of visiting and laughing and playing a lot of card games. James and my mom are the funnest to watch. There is a lot of trash talking going on between these two! I don't dare try to join in, it's to much fun to watch!! So after hours of cards we would finally go to bed and wake up the next day and the trash talking would start again. Oh what fun. We went to Cloudcroft and did a little shopping. I was much smarter with this shopping trip. I had a baby carrier that was strapped on so Farrah could see and she LOVED it. That's the way to shop with this little one. And she got a ton of comments!
After dinner every night I took Farrah for a walk. She was so relaxed and just took everything in. The last night we found the ducks and she wasn't really sure what to do with them. The ducks would get close and she would just start kicking her legs and going crazy. They would get close and she would raise her eyebrows at them. She was way to cute to watch!! We had a really great time!!

Feeding the ducks

I just think this is the sweetest picture of Farrah

One last story. If any of you know my father you know he is a very patient man. On our many feeding the duck occasions my dad wanted so badly to have a duck eat out of his hand. He got pretty close a couple of times but no success. This is the closest the duck would come to him. He is a little "big"!! I love watching him hold Farrah. His hands are so big and she just looks at him...not quite sure what to think of him yet. Growing up everyone was afraid of him until they met him and then he became your best friend. He's just a big teddy bear!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Months!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! These past three months have flown by! Farrah is getting so big and doing just great! She is doing so many fun thing right now.

What Farrah is up to these day's

1. She is still sleeping all the way through the night!! Thank you Jesus! He knew we needed a baby that like to sleep just like her mommy and daddy do!

2. She is still smiling a ton!! Every time you look at her she just has the biggest smile. Talk about melt your heart!!

3. She loves her daddy!! When James comes home for lunch or from work at the end of the day she gets so excited to see him. She starts kicking her legs and smiles at the sound of his voice. And her daddy is CRAZY about her!

4. Farrah has found her feet!! She can't quite figure out how to grab them yet but she puts them in the air and looks at them. She can play with her toys with her feet. Any toy that makes noise she is kicking.

5. Probably my favorite is that she has to have her hands full! She always has two hand fulls of her blanket, burp cloth, toys or my fingers. I love just watching her!

6. She is learning to put herself to sleep during the day. This has not been that much fun but she has to learn!!

She is changing so much everyday! And getting so big. She weighs 10.14 pounds and 24inches long. I took her to the doctor this week for a ruptured right eardrum. Even her doctor got emotional on how fast she is growing. I catch myself just watching her and I just fall more in love with her everyday!

Baby girl we are so proud of you and are so blessed that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. You have totally changed our lives and we couldn't be happier!! We love you more then you will ever know!

Happy 3 months!! (Notice her hands...two hand fulls of her shorts)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great News!

Last week we received some great news about Farrah's adoption. The court date is set for May 29th at 9am. I am so ready to get this final!! Talk about having 100% relief that no one can come and "get" her. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support! We could not have done it without you!

This weekend Farrah got her first cold with fever. She woke up Saturday morning at 3:30am. That's not like her at all. She loves her sleep. She has slept all night since she was seven weeks so we both knew something was not right. So again at 6:30 and real whinny...which again not like her at all. This is the happiest baby I've ever seen in my life. So I took her temp and it's been 100 all day long. I called her pediatrician and her nurse suggested that we take her into a walk-in clinic. So after Farrah woke up from her afternoon nap I took her in the clinic and we were turned away because she is to young. They see patients starting at three months. She is four days away from being three months and they would still not see her so they sent me to another clinic and that clinic turned her away because she is to young. They don't see babies until they reach six months. So I got in the car and called Grace clinic and good news!!! They will see her but they closed at 5pm and I called at 4:55pm!! There was no way I was going to make it. I was at least 15 minutes away. So I got in my car and just started crying. My poor baby was crying because she doesn't feel good and I'm crying because who in their right mind goes to a medical clinic with a sick baby and gets turned away?? So I will take her to Grace clinic tomorrow. You know the thing that gets me about Farrah is that although she does not feel good she is still smiling! Sweet baby girl!!

My favorite picture from earlier this week. Can you see her hair? It is wild and I LOVE it!!

Enough drama for today because I'm exhausted!! I'll be up every couple of hours checking on Farrah. All I know is that tomorrow James is playing golf in the morning and I get a nap in the afternoon!!

Ok Leslie, I'm sitting her watching Princess Bride and the part where the rodents of unusual size attack and all I can think about is you when we played a game on our game night and you knew the answer about rodents of unusual size!! Sorry that is random!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wonderful First Mother's Day

Oh how I prayed for this day for so long!! I could hardly sleep last night for all the excitement of Mother's Day. For eight years I have longed to be a mom and to finally be one is more then anyone could hope for. I am so blessed to me in the "Mom Club"!! I was thinking about my own mom today and how precious a mother she is. I hope I can be half the mom she is to us three kids!! Thanks mom for all the memories you made for us and with us. I take you for granted and now that I'm a mom I understand the sacrifice you made for us and we love you for it!!

Miss Farrah decided to sleep in this morning and we had to actually wake her so we could make the 9am service. And our Pastor Jackie had a great service. We still have not made it through one entire service yet but she is getting better!! Then we went to church with my mom and again Farrah did not make it through the service. But deep down I love it!! I love it that I know which cry is which and that when she is fussy people give her to her mommy and she settles right down. All day everyone wanted to see her and Farrah only had eyes for mommy!! I LOVE it!! James did an amazing job with my Mother's Day gift! He gave me this beautiful ring with Farrah's birthstone. James told me that he wanted to give me a gift that I would one day pass on to Farrah, like on her wedding day. What a great thought James!! We went to my sister, Shawna's house for lunch where she and I made lunch for my mom and my meme. It was so neat to see so many ladies at the table who have had such an impact in my life. They truly know ALL the heartache that I've gone through. All the tears and laughter. What wonderful women of God I have been raised by and grown up with. I know Shawna is younger then me but she is so wise and such a good mom and I love that as her big sister I get to look up to her on being a mommy!!

And to all my wonderful girl friends, thank you for being such a great example of ladies!! You are all truly amazing mother's and I am blessed to be in the club!!

This was the best Mother's day ever!!

Mommy and Farrah

Farrah sporting her WAY to cute outfit!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy Weekend!!

Today was an exciting day for our family. We had Farrah dedicated this morning. We were given an AMAZING gift and what an amazing thing to be able to give Farrah back to Him!! I've been praying all week that Farrah would sleep through the service and she almost made it!! She did sleep through the most important part which was good. While Pastor Jackie was praying for us and blessing us she just had the biggest smile on her face and it just melted my heart!! We were blessed with family and friends joining us in this celebration and I can't even explain the feeling I had today. For so long I longed to be a mom and dedicate my children to my Father and to be doing that today, there were a lot of emotions!!

Yesterday at our church we had a Mother/Daughter brunch. Once again, I could not stop smiling because I had my very own daughter with me!! I have attended this banquet since we've been at Church On The Rock and have really enjoyed it but this year was extra special!! My husband was one of the many wonderful husbands that served us ladies and he did a great job. Thanks to all the ladies who did a wonderful job planning the banquet!!

Farrah all dressed up!!

Our Family