Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Trail!

This week we took Farrah, Lucas and Annika to the Pumpkin Trail. We missed it last year and I made sure not to miss it this year!

LaJuana took Lucas and Annika to a nursing home to carve pumpkins with some of the residence. We knew the pumpkins were suppose to be at the trail so our goal was to find these pumpkins and we did!!!

We were surprised to see the trail so packed! I think there were over 2,000 pumpkins this year. There were a few Texas Tech pumpkins and some kitten pumpkins but other then that they were all original!

Farrah had a blast and really loved being able to walk on her own. She was such a big girl and I was really surprised how she stayed with us and didn't run off.

Angry Birds...haha!!

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell....Farrah was super excited to see Tinker Bell!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been awhile!

It's been a crazy and busy month for the Fortner house. Farrah has been going to KDO two days a week, I'm having my shoulder therapy two days a week and my brother and his family have moved in with us until they can find a house of their own.

Farrah has been doing great at her "school." She comes home and talks about her friends and then tells me what she did that day. It's really becoming a reality how big she is getting. Her words are getting more and bigger everyday and she has started to use her imagination. This is so fun to watch! She loves to play in her kitchen and having dad be a dinosaur and chase her around the house.

The hardest part has not been able to play with Farrah since my shoulder surgery. It's getting better and I'm trying my hardest to play with her but getting off the floor is extremely hard. I can't use my right shoulder at all to lift myself off the floor and my left shoulder is just as bad and I can't use it either so it gets interesting...haha!

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling great and then I had an "accident" and re injured my right shoulder so that set be back a couple of weeks. I was sitting on a table and it was not sturdy and it fell from under me and I went tumbling to the ground. Thankfully I did not land on my shoulder/arm but I jerked it so hard that it was instant pain. I saw my physical therapist and he didn't think I did any damage but I have three anchors fused in my shoulder and he was afraid I could have hurt those so off to my doctor I went. I saw my surgeon and he was not happy with me so he put me back in my sling, and then I was not happy with him...haha! So being the good patient I am I have followed the doctor's orders. I go back in a couple of weeks and schedule my left shoulder for surgery if all is well with my right shoulder.

In the mean time my brother and his family have moved in with us and its been a huge blessing!! They have all been a huge help with Farrah. James went on a week long hunting trip to Colorado and I had so much help. Lucas and Annika have been the biggest help! They play with Farrah and keep her busy. They play and dance and sing. They are such good sports with her! I'm sure she is driving them crazy but they are so nice and do whatever she asks. I tell them all the time they can tell her no but they just smile and say "It's ok."

To tell you the truth I'm not in any hurry for them to move out but I'm sure they can't wait to get into their own home and routine. It's been nice having help with dinner and cleaning my house. I don't think Farrah has been the only one that's been spoiled but me as well!