Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer fun!!

I can't believe its already as hot as it is and it's only June! We have been loving all the warmth and going to bed later. I think James and I have sat outside every night just enjoying the summer nights.

We've been busy but not crazy busy, well I haven't been crazy busy, James on the other hand is super busy at work so he comes home and crashes for the night...ha!

We bought Farrah a small swimming pool for the summer, ok it's really for me, but this thing is a nightmare! We live in a brand new subdivision so our backyard faces an open dirt field so you can imagine how much dirt is in the pool. We have cleaned that thing so many times and still wasn't able to get in the pool so we finally gave up and just have a dirty pool. The chemicals are good just dirt in the bottom but like my daddy always says, "Dirt never hurt anyone!"

We had a big milestone at the Fortner household this week, Farrah not longer sits in her highchair for meals. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal but it just makes me realize how fast Farrah is growing up. She loves it! She feels so independent and can climb in and out of her own chair. She is so fun to watch. My favorite part of dinner is the prayer before the meal and she prays for us, just melts this mommy's heart!

James had this digger thing for the church and is of course responsible for it so its at our house for the weekend and he wanted Farrah to ride on it. This girl cracks me up with her adventurous much like her mamma!! I think this kinda freaks out James...ha! For over 18 years James has had to put up with my adventures like cliff diving to jumping off waterfalls and I think Farrah will be just like me. Anyways, back to the digger thingy, Farrah loved the idea of riding on it but when it came to being tied down she didn't like that (again like her mamma, hold me down and you will have a fight on your hands!) She warmed up to it and had fun but it took a minute.

I'm sure James loves me calling this digger thingy a digger thingy.....haha!!

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James said...

digger thingy = Case 420 Skid Steer Loader

Thanks, James