Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Body!!

Oh my goodness!! I think when Farrah turned five months she became miss busy body. I tell my mom and James' mom how busy she is and they just smile like they don't believe me...that is until they saw her and held her this week. Both mom's said to me how busy she is now. I know!! I was watching Farrah the other day and was noticing that she is always moving. Even when she is still she has something moving. I was holding her the other night and we were just chillin and she could not sit still! She has her feet moving or her hands going...non stop. Just to think how she started out with no prenatal care and how healthy and active she is just blesses my heart. God truly had His hands on her and protected her the entire nine months.

This weekend my grandfather came to town so Farrah got to meet her only living Great-Grand Pa. I think he was pretty impressed with her. She was playing in the floor while we had dinner and Papa was watching her and he turned to me and asked "Can I pinch her to make her cry?" I told him if she wanted to hear her scream. Papa was amazed how happy she is. On the way home I was thinking how amazing it is at my age (and I'm not THAT old) to have three living grandparents and for Farrah to have gotten to meet all of them. And how healthy they all are. All of my grandparents are all very independent, they still drive and live on their own. I pray Farrah gets to an age where she will remember her Great-Grandparents being healthy and independent.

Four generation picture of the Caroland's.

One last note. Farrah's personality is really starting to come out. I was shopping with my mom and sister on Saturday and Farrah has learned how to take her bows off and she is very proud of herself! I was getting on to her because she knows what she is doing and I finally gave up and took the bow off. You know what she did? Smiled big as Dallas. She is so proud of herself! Of course mom and Shawna did not help at all because they kept laughing at her so then she started putting on a show.

I still don't have the words on how happy and blessed we are by Farrah. She is an absolute joy!!

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Just Believing said...

I love reading posts like this! We are just so excited and hope to see ourseleves as wonderful and happy and blessed as your family is now!!! She is so beautiful and I love the gerneational pictures!!!