Friday, August 7, 2009

Swinging Good Time!!

Last night we saw James' parents and grandma. We had a wonderful time with them. Ever since our oldest niece was born Jim and Jean have had this little kiddy swing and for years I've watched all my nieces grow up playing in this swing and I could not help myself wonder when my own children would play in this swing. There have been many laughs from this swing. Last night I put my own daughter in the swing for the first time and it was everything I imagined. She LOVED it. She is an outside girl anyway and she sat in the swing and she hung on and smiled the entire time. If the mosquito's would not have been so bad I think she would have napped in it.

Farrah got to see her Great-Grandma last night to and they were fun to watch together last night. Grandma played patty cake with Farrah's feet last night and Farrah thought this was pretty funny. Sitting there last night watching Great-Grandma with Farrah just makes me realize that our grandparents aren't going to be around forever. We are very blessed to have three grandparents still living. I want more than anything for Farrah to know her Great-grandparents. All of our grandparents have and always will mean the world to us. We have so many great memories with them and I can't wait til Farrah gets to make those great memories with her own grandparents.

Farrah has met two out of three grandparents and they are crazy about her. A couple of weekends we went and saw my Meme. My parents walked in without us and the first thing Meme said was "Where is MY baby". This just makes me smile. If you don't know I have the greatest Meme ever!! I can't even put it into words how amazing the lady is. All I have to say is that if you ever get to meet her you will be truly blessed! Matter of fact both of our grandmother's are amazing women of Christ and have taught us and love us both like only a grandmother could.

Here is Great-grandma playing patty cake with Farrah's feet.

We also got to see James' Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jodie last night. Aunt Jodie had seen Farrah before but Uncle Jerry had not. Farrah became a big fan of Uncle Jerry last night. Anytime Farrah would start fussing Jerry would take her outside and just talk to her. He was telling her stories about when James was a little boy. Jerry gave Farrah to Jodie so she could play with her and Farrah got so upset and Jerry took her back and Farrah was happy again. I think Jerry liked this!

Last night we were driving home and James was telling me that he was closest to his Uncle Jerry. He was the one who took him hunting for the first time, he helped coached his little league baseball games and Jerry went to EVERY football game for James. So for James to see Farrah making a connection with his Uncle Jerry was pretty special for him to.

Uncle Jerry feeding Farrah

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