Monday, August 31, 2009

Surprise Weekend

Well I wouldn't call it a total surprise weekend. I knew we were going out of town just didn't know where to. We took Farrah to Levelland to stay with both grandmothers. I think they were pretty excited to keep her. Farrah stayed with Jean Friday night and Saturday and then with my mom on Saturday night and Sunday. From what I understand they all had a great time!

We left Lubbock and headed to DFW! We had an amazing time. We went to a late movie on Friday night. We slept in on Saturday. We haven't done that for six months. We did a little shopping and then James let me decide what to do next. We headed to Hurricane Harbour...if you know James and me at all you know we are the biggest kids at heart. We love to water parks and theme parks. So it was really hard to choose between Hurricane Harbour or Six Flags but I think we made the right decision. We hadn't been to Hurricane Harbour in years. I don't think our feet will ever be the same. The older I get the more tender footed I get and James has always been tender footed. It was pretty funny to watch James walk across hot concrete. After the water park we headed back to get cleaned up and headed out to dinner. We wanted to catch a Ranger's baseball game but they were playing out of town this weekend. Then we didn't realize until it was to late but the Cowboys were playing. We missed the chance to see the new stadium! Oh well we will get there some day I promise. So we headed to SouthLake Town Square. I love this place! It just makes me happy. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then just walked around the square. We just sat and talked and enjoyed watching people. There are some very interesting people outside in the summer. James and I both agreed that we HAVE to do this every year. To take a vacation without kids was so great for our marriage.

I never realized how busy you can get with your family and I put James on the back burner. But having the amazing husband I have he understands that Farrah needs a lot of attention. He also realizes that Farrah will grow up and move on and we will always be together. So for now I will do by best to give not only Farrah my all but also my husband. I'm trying hard to find balance and with the help of family, friends and God I will find it!

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Just Believing said...

What a sweet hubby and love you guys share!

Sounds like a great getaway trip!