Monday, September 5, 2011

Ruidoso with the cousins!!

For Labor Day my mom and dad took all the grandkids to Ruidoso for a little vacation and Shawna and I tag along..haha!! It was so nice and cool and we had a blast!! We did everything we could think of. We played outside, went and played at the putt putt course, did race cars, jumpers, fishing and we even went swimming.

We were so glad to get a break from the heat and it was about 70 degrees and was perfect! I am so thankful that all the grandkids get a long so well and love playing with each other.

We even did an old western picture with the grandkids and it was so funny! Farrah was given a toy gun to play with and she was so funny to watch. She would stick the toy gun in her ear, her mouth and at Reagan and Annika. We had to tell her a few times to stop pointing the gun at everyone..haha!

I've also figured out that mom and dad have a lot of the pictures from the weekend..haha!

Thanks Nana and Dandy for the fun weekend and for letting me and Aunt Shawna tag along!!

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