Saturday, September 24, 2011


My brother and his family moved back to Lubbock and are living with us. We have had so much fun with them here! Farrah has really enjoyed them being here! She wakes up everyday asking for Aunt Juana (LaJuana) and Lucas and Annika.

I think mommy and daddy have become chopped liver...haha!! We've had so much fun playing and just enjoying watching Lucas and Annika. We've gotten to see how much fun they are and have had some really good wrestling matches. Lucas and I have also had some really good laughing phases at the dinner table that get us both in trouble with spewing a drink cause we are laughing so hard at each other!

It's always fun to see my older brother and younger sister with their kids and know that their life is a lot like when we were kids. My brother, sister and I were always really close and I love that their kids are close to their siblings as well.

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