Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love the Olympics!!!

I love the Olympics!!! I am so tired but have loved every minute of it. All the stories, all the drama, all the wins and all the disappointed losses. The other night James and I were watching Michael Phelps with his relay team. OH MY GOODNESS! It was amazing! To come from behind and win the race by a finger tip was amazing. We were giving each other high fives like we just won the race but all I can say is WOW!! Then to watch the men's gymnastics was great as well. To have their top two men get hurt before China and to not even be a medal contender and to come back and get the bronze, WOW. Then you have the ladies. The first night they had so many mistakes and then at the team competition it was a battle for the gold. They did great all the way through until the end. The beam and floor were both challenges for the US. As I was watching the ladies get the silver medal I noticed how disappointed they were, you just won the silver!! It's a big deal to even medal. And then to watch the beach volleyball teams to win huge. All I can say is...I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!

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