Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Relaxing!!

James and I got an invitation to take a relaxing week to the lake after Christmas. It was wonderful!! James and I tend to get way to busy and don't take much down time for ourselves. So Heath and Kelsey invited us to spend a week with them and Heath's family on the lake on his parents house boat in Arkansas. What an amazing place!! I won't try to explain it because I can't do it justice. It was great. James got to go squirrel hunting for the very first time in Arkansas. All he said was that it was truly a back wood sport. He also had lunch at a pawn shop. He had a great time with the whole Arkansas experience. The scary thing is is that I think he felt a little to comfortable in Arkansas. He tends to have some red neck tendencies in him! He had a great time with Heath and Heath's dad Willie. James has always wanted to go on a guided fishing trip and he was able to this week. I know they caught black bass and something else. Here are some picture's of James and the fishing trip.

Kelsey and I did WAY to much shopping. Where the house boat is docked there are probably 25-30 house boats and they all decorate for Christmas. There is this one house boat that has this AMAZING Christmas tree. Kelsey and I thought that we could decorate our own tree's with this similar idea. So next year be prepared to be blown away with our Christmas tree's. I would post a picture but I'm going to be selfish and do it myself first.

She took me to the amazing mall in Hot Springs, Arkansas!! I think it took us maybe 45minutes to walk the whole thing. We decided to get pedicure's since the boys were watching football and we were in no hurry to get back to that. I don't think I have EVER watched that much football in my life!! So like I said we had pedicure's done. I love having pedicure's but they can be very painful for me as well. I was telling Kelsey how ticklish my feet were and the worst part for me is the part where they take and scrub the bottom of your feet. Oh it makes my skin crawl to just think about it. So I warned the guy and told him sorry but I might kick you. So of course he had a hay day with this. He took one swipe of the bottom of my foot and I about came out of the chair. I think Kelsey had some great laughs at my expense but it was fun.

I think the best thing was we were able to sleep in and be on NO schedule. It was great. So thank you Heath and Kelsey for inviting us to spend a week of great rest and relaxing.

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The Louders said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast!! I hate that scrubbing part of the pedicure too...yikes!