Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayer Request Update

I talked to Heather the other night and she said that Emma is doing great!! They removed the ventilator and she is breathing under a oxygen tent. They took one of her IVs out last night The doctor and nurses just keep telling Heather and Brett how wonderful she is doing. Please continue to pray for Emma to gain enough weight to go home. Pray for Heather, she is having a tough time leaving Emma at the hospital while she goes home. Pray for her healing as well. The doctor's tell her that she needs to rest more. Here are some pictures of Emma. The first picture is of the knot in the umbilical cord. Emma is one blessed little girl to have survived that!!

This is Brett's wedding ring on Emma's wrist

Isn't she besutiful!! Thank you so much for keeping Emma and her mommy and daddy in your prayers.

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