Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayer Request!!

Hi everyone!! This is going to be a prayer request blog. My dear friend and co-worker had a baby today. Heather was put in the hospital two weeks ago trying not to go into labor. Her doctor's thought the umbilical card had a knot and sure enough it did. Heather said that she is a very lucky little girl. One or two more days and the baby might not have made it. She was 28 weeks and made it to 30 weeks before she delivered her precious daughter Emma Leigh Hart. Emma weighs 2lbs 12oz. I have no idea how long but she is tiny!! Her doctor gave her the steroid for her lung's to develop quickly two weeks ago and thankfully she came out screaming. The doctors went ahead and put Emma on a ventilator so Emma's little body could rest and get stronger. So the prayer starts with Heather. She needs rest, comfort and peace. Emma needs prayer for strength, positive results in all the tests, her development and much more. Brett needs prayer as well. He is worried about his wife and new baby!! I have no idea all that is going on in Heather's mind but I know that she is worried sick. So if you have any encouraging words for her please tell me and I will pass them along!! Thanks so much for praying for the Hart family!!

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