Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Try #2

Well Farrah was not a fan of cereal. In fact, I gave it to her yesterday and she spit out the first bite and so I put it back in and she began to cry!! It was like she was saying to me "Why are you doing this to me?" So after that I didn't give her anymore and thought I'll just try tomorrow. After telling friends about Farrah they gave me ideas and I just wasn't sure what to do. Farrah's doctor made it VERY clear not to mix anything with it like fruit. Because if I mix fruit with it then she will not do veggies and veggies are very important. So I called her doctor and spoke to her wonderful nurse and she said that she just wasn't ready for cereal! What a relief! I did not want to rush Farrah into eating and especially force her into something she didn't like! So we will wait and try next month, which makes me happy because honestly I don't think I am ready for Farrah to be on cereal yet. And I'm glad because I want to make Farrah's baby food and I found this really cool little baby food maker and I now have time to order it and make her food. I had no idea that I would even want to attempt this but the more I did the research on this the more convinced I am that I can do this and very easily.

This cool little tool is called the Beaba Babycook


mandal said...

How cool! Looks like it will be easy! Wish I would have had one of those.

Anonymous said...

i wish I had made my own baby food. I will for sure with the next one. I'm glad they told you to just wait, that will be the easiest. I was thinking about Madi starting cereal, and I had to mix in a little apple juice for her to eat it, but I understand not wanting to do that before veggies. You will figure it out.

Jennifer said...

HOLD STRONG AGAINST THE FRUIT!!! It's so hard, especially because almost everyone DOES mix it w/fruit...but it DOES make a difference! I was a nannie for YEARS and all moms had me mix the cereal w/fruit...then when Holly had Ezekiel, she did everything according to Baby Wise-which is basicially completely opposite of everything moms did 20 yrs ago...(schedules, food, etc)
I thought Holly was INSANE...but learned very quickly that the difference was AMAZING. Really. Hold out from the sweetness-it will help form Farrah's whole attitude toward foods for the better!