Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks Leslie!!!

Thanks Leslie for for the pictures of your kitchen floors. Since I saw your kitchen it has inspired me to do mine. I loved your black cabinets and thought they looked great and wanted mine the same. So I've been looking at black paint and new counter tops. I found the paint and counter tops and even a new sink. I must say James is not real happy about this because he redid our counter tops this spring and I'm already changing them. Sorry honey!! But I will say it will look amazing when I'm all done. I started out with repainting the front bathroom and I love it. I took before and after pictures for you to see. So once the bathroom was finished I got a wild hair and decided to paint my coffee table and end table the black that I'm painting my kitchen cabinets and I REALLY love it. But before I painted the cabinets I painted my entire kitchen and dining. It was a dark maroon and know it is a nice khaki that matches the rest of the house. The kitchen will be done in phases so phase one is complete!! James you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out more often. I can convince you of almost anything when you are on drugs.
Bathroom before
Bathroom after

Kitchen before

Kitchen After (phase 1 complete)

So phase one is complete in my kitchen and now all we have to do is new countertops, new floor and new sink and the kitchen is done!!! Yea for the Fortner's!!
Just a little note...the layout of the pictures are not correct but I guess blogspot is smarter then me but you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in person.

Paige Allen said...

it looks fabulous! You are quite the productive woman!

Leslie said...

I love the bathroom! I have wanted to do our girls' bathroom since we moved in. I am feeling inspired. Maybe after the baby comes. Love the kitchen too! You are quite handy!

Julie said...

Looks great! I was going to tell you that sometimes on your dishwasher they put those door panels reversable and there is a black side on the other side of the white and you can just swith them. My parent's dishwasher was like that! Just a thought! I LOVE what you did!

Anonymous said...

"ALL" we have left to do in the kitchen is the countertops, sink, and floors. It almost sounds cheaper to gut the entire house and start over! OUCH......I think I'm going to need a more powerful prescription for the rest of this.

Liz said...

love! i think it's time to have a parrrrrrrttttttteeeeeeee!