Tuesday, November 30, 2010

21 months!!

I'm a little behind and I totally missed 20 months...whoops!!

Farrah you are 21 months and oh my goodness you are one busy girl!

You add a new word or phrase everyday. You ask "What dat??" alot. I will say what it is and you repeat it and it sticks in your brain...it amazes me to watch you learn so much so fast. If you don't know the word you will come and get me and ask.

You are the sweetest thing ever! A couple of months ago you would kiss me or daddy with no problem and now we have to beg for a kiss...You like to tease us with your kisses. You are starting to give us a kiss when we ask again and we both love that.

Every morning you ask for everyone, daddy, nana, nanny (dandy), pappa, lulu (Lula), RaRa (Reagan), BB (Brincent), Meme, PeyPey (Peyton), shoe (Roo). It's the cutest thing ever!!

Your getting better about eating. Still pretty picky but getting better.

You are wearing size 18 months in most of your clothes. You can wear some 24 months but only in the tops.

You still wear a size 3 diapers. I think you have been in this size since you were 12months and I think you will be here til you start potty training.

I think you are getting close to start potty training. I'm not going to start this til after your 2nd birthday. You will walk in the bathroom and say "I teetee" so I know you getting close.

Your favorite time of the day is still bath time. When you hear the bath running you run into the bathroom and start taking your clothes off. You got in trouble with daddy the other night when you threw a cup of water all over him..he was not impressed, HA!!!

Your favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. You walk around saying Manny and Minny all day.

Farrah Nichole you are a true delight! There is not one day that goes by that we thank God for choosing us to be your mommy and daddy! You are amazing and we love you more then you will ever know!!


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The Louders said...

Still wearing a size 3 diaper means you will have a little booty!

You and Maci will be the little booty/big booty friends. :)