Thursday, November 18, 2010


There is nothing better then the sound of a little girl giggle! Farrah has discovered all kinds of giggles. They all make me smile and they are all different. She has the laughing giggle, the mischievous giggle, the tickle giggle and the I'm happy giggle and I love them all!

Farrah is at such a fun age! Her personality is really starting to show and its a fun one. She loves to tease and play but at the same time she is so tender hearted. Today her teacher told me that Farrah is small but she sure does know how to take up for herself. It makes me laugh cause she is so much like me that's its almost scary...Ha!

Her newest thing is closing all the doors and clapping because she is so proud of herself. She has locked herself in her room and the laundry room a couple of times and will sit there for a minute and start saying Mommy???

Tonight our house is full of giggles. James and her are wrestling and playing with her puzzles so its my turn to join in in the fun!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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