Monday, November 1, 2010


This year for Halloween Farrah was a kitty cat. She was the cutest thing ever! Last week when her costume came in I tried it on her and she FREAKED OUT...I mean bad!! I have never seen her so upset before in my life. I wasn't sure she would wear it for Halloween so I just left it hanging in her room all week so she could touch it and get use to it and I guess it worked cause she put it on. When I put on her nose and whiskers Farrah got the biggest smile ever! She loved it and kept going to the mirror to look at herself and would say nose.

We started out adventure off with Lula, aka James' mom, coming over and having some fun with her. Jean brought her all kinds of goodies like a big bag of jelly beans, Farrah's favorite, books and puzzles.

Then my mom and dad and sister and her kids came with us to go trick or treating at the Vintage and we had a blast. Farrah is so independent that it drives me crazy sometimes. She insisted she carry her own goodie bag and every time she got candy she would have to inspect it. So needless to say we were a little slow at this process. I don't know how many times she dropped her bag of candy but it was really fun watching her get so excited about all the candy.

Farrah is at the age where it is almost impossible to get a picture of her looking at you. I think this is the best I could do all night.

Walking with dad and Dandy

Trick or Treat!

We even ran into some friends...Farrah the kitty, Madison the bumble bee and Ava the princess. They were all so cute!

Last year Farrah was a bumble bee and she was the sweetest thing. I can't believe how big she has gotten!

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